BookShelf with book versions

BookShelf Embedded with book versions

this is an experiment of BookShelf Embedded. I added a feature to download a different version of a book such as English book01 or Japanese book01

Modified sample project is here. Please find _v suffixed folders.

In BookSever, copy_books.bat, .command, you find the following codes

Win bat

@rem for bookshelf with versions
call :MyCopy Book01en book01 en true
call :MyCopy Book01jp book01 jp
call :MyCopy Book02en book02 en true
call :MyCopy Book02jp book02 jp

Mac command

# For bookshelf with versions
MyCopy Book01en book01 en true
MyCopy Book01jp book01 jp
MyCopy Book02en book02 en true
MyCopy Book02jp book02 jp


components/store/model.lua, the versions are added to in M.epsodes table

M.epsodes = {
            book01  = {
                name = "book01", dir = "book01", numOfPages = 6, 
                info = "book01 info", 
                versions = {"en", "jp"}

            book02  = {
                name = "book02", dir = "book02", numOfPages = 3, 
                info = "book02 info", 
                versions = {"en", "jp"}

when user purchase book01, user can download the default of book01 or en, jp. Kwik internally downloads or book01en/ or book01jp/

for instance, Book01en is the kwik project of the version01 of book01

use copy_books.command to make

MyCopy Book01en book01 en


page2-INFO has version01, version02 version03 layers.

“English”, “Japanese” are enabled to download each version once user purchases the book.

changes in the version model