Register & Transfer Pro License

Register & Transfer Pro License

You can register the activation code of a purchased Pro license from the Settings window. When it is opened, go to the Registration tab:

This tab allows you to register your product after purchase. To do so YOU MUST BE ONLINE!

please set the email account used during the registration process and the activation key provided by Kwiksher’s website. Enter (or paste) them into their respective Email and Activation Key fields.

When you click OK, Kwik will validate your records against the database. If it validates the data and verifies you still have rights to activate a copy (you can install Kwik in up 2 different machines), your plugin will be registered and you are going to receive a confirmation message. If the registration process fails, an alert will show up.

UPDATE: Some users cannot register online due, which seems to be area related firewall issues. If you are affected by that, send an email to with the number showed in the Registration tab (in the example above the number is 440). With this information I will create your serial number manually.

Kwik Activation Key is compatible between Kwik3 and Kwik4.

After registered, restart Kwik. Coming back to this tab will show your serial number.

Transfer License

Users are able to discard a serial number (in order to get a new one to use in other machine), just pressing the new Transfer License button in the Registration tab. Doing so, the current serial number will be discard within Kwiksher’s database, allowing the user to use another registration in another machine. You can transfer 4 times only.

IMPORTANT: You don’t need to transfer a license if your new machine will use the same Photoshop from the older one, as Kwik will automatically use the previous serial number in this case.