Every layer interacting with gravity needs to be set as a body.

Pressing the Set Body Properties button will show the following window:

Information about the current layer content will appear in the top of the window (position and size).

Bodies can be:

A Shape (the form of an object) can be:

Import from Physics Editor:

for more complex paths it is strongly recommended that you use Physics Editor, an external tool created just for path automation. If you are using it, simply point to the Lua file created by Physics Editor.

when using Physics Editor, you must set all body properties there (they overwrite Kwik’s setting). Also, make sure your shape name in PE matches the file image exported from Kwik.

For example, if your layer name is “square” and it is part of page 2, Kwik will export it as “p2_square.png”. This is the file you should open in PE and create the properties. If you name the shape (in PE) as “square”, you are going to receive a Corona Terminal error because Kwik will not find the image “square.png”.