Configuring Kwik

After installing Kwik, open Photoshop. If the plugin window does not show up automatically, make it visible by going to Menu of Photoshop

The Kwik4 panel looks like this when there is no project opened:

The Toolset Bar on the top right corner offers three icons (from left to right).

“Hello World”, Multi Lingual Sample", “Animations” and “Actions” are sample projects embedded in Kwik. You can click to open it later for reference.

Before working on a new project, let’s take a quick look at the Status Bar on the bottom of Kwik Panel

Open Settings window

Lets click the Settings button and check the configurations. When the window opens, please choose General Tab.

Although there are several options, the only ones that matter at this moment are

You can set both using the Browse buttons and pointing to the correct paths. Both are important: the first will open the Simulator when you publish your project. The second will save your project contents in the correct place. The default paths have been set:

Solar2D is forked of the well established and widely used Corona SDK game engine.