Installing & Setup

Installation And Setup

Photoshop and Corona SDK are necessary to begin your work with Kwik. Kwik installation needs Photoshop and Corona SDK. Later you may need XCode on Mac to build iOS App when you need to run your app on iPhone or iPad.

Corona SDK

Besides Adobe Photoshop, Kwik also requires CoronaLabs's Corona SDK installed on a Mac or PC. Corona is offered in different versions, Corona SDK and Corona Native both fully compatible with Kwik:

Corona SDK is completely free with full features such as particles, graphic filters, mesh etc.

In order to install Corona, simply go to their site, click the Download button and follow the instructions.

We suggest you to check the Docs as they provide lots of good tips and tricks on how to use and learn Corona.


Kwik is an extension to Photoshop and please go to the following articles how o install Kwik.


If you plan to develop applications for iOS, you will need a Mac computer (you cannot create apps for iOS on a PC) or use a service like and you can install XCode.


Until you need to build an App for devices, you don't need to install XCode. Till then, Corona SDK offers very good simulator on Mac or Windows.

You need XCode to monitor log outputs from iPhone/iPad or XCode simulator. Building for iOS devices requires XCode to be installed.

The installation is free. However, to send your final app to the AppStore or test it on your device, you will need to pay the Program Membership - $99/year

Android Stuido

You don't need to install Android Studio. Corona does it for you but you may use Android Studio utilities like Device Monitor or adb command tool.

Developer Programs

Using Kwik is probably the easiest part of creating your comic, ebook or application (app). However, becoming a member of Apple and/or Android developer programs, creating certificates, and publishing your app are not so easy tasks. Although this document does not cover these tasks, it points you to several external sources that may help you. Check the links to External Resources pages from below.

SDK & Developer Programs