PSD size & Blend mode

PSD file in a Ultimate Config project

Canvas Size

Image Size & Layers

Background Image Size

For instance, if you add a new page from Kwik Panel, Kwik inserts a blank PSD file with 1920 x 1280. This is a safe area of content where the ultimate configuration assures the area is displayed without sticking out from any size of displays. See the greened rectangle in Ultimate Config 320x480

It is optimised but the top/bottom or the left/right regions are left without rendering. So the background image must be enlarged to cover those area. The background needs to have the following size.

For iPhone X, the size should be 1440 × 2772. Please read iOS11 update

In order to make it your background layer to have 1440x2280 while holding 1920x1280 as the canvas size. Please see the screen shots

Blend Mode for Layers

Currently Solar2D only supports the following Photoshop blend modes. If you are using one not listed below, you will need to merge layers, otherwise it will not render the image as same as the one in Photoshop

// screen copy