Before You Start

Before starting to use Kwik in a real project, it is suggested to learn a few tips and some best practices first.

Using Kwik is not difficult. However, due to the relationship of the Kwik plugin with your Photoshop layers, follow these simple tips to avoid some common issues. Kwik is very dependent on Photoshop layer naming. Wrong layer names can even block your preview process.

Although Kwik tries to find and fixes potential issues, sometimes it simply cannot. To avoid these issues, use the following conventions):

Before you start

  1. Photoshop optimisaition
  2. Project and file names
  3. Layer names
  4. Grouped layers
  5. Create a background layer
  6. Content Area - Ultimate Configuration
  7. Button and Animation names
  8. Export images only once
  9. Export page only
  10. Don’t forget your icons and opening launch image