How to make for self publish with digital tools. It is complicated and you can find so many articles or documents, services for making digtial contents or iOS/Andorid apps. A project management - a plan will help you to focus on your creativity before working on drawings or composing app with Kwik.


this is an example,

Task Tools Stage1 Stage2 Stage3
Learnig storytelling drawing Kwik
Makin Sketches&Notes (BambooSlate) idea, notes, sketch characters, settings
Making Thumbnails (BambooSlate/iPad) story, thumbnail
Making Final Sketches (iPad) storyboard
Drawing Pages (iPad)/Photoshop PSDs
Composing With Kwik Kwik interactions
Documentation (Gitbook) manuscript storyboard blog


how to use the tools

I tested Bamboo slate to digitalize hand drawings. It uploads the digitalized drawings to Wacom's cloud InkSpace. They are downloadable as .psd files. So you can import it to photoshop or or Adobe Sketch.

    BambooSlate --- InkSpace --.psd .jpg 
              iPad Adobe Sketch 
                    Kwik -- app A-Gif