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App of the Month: Monsters vs Robots

Only 3 apps were submitted to Kwiksher’s Showcase in September but, the quality keeps impressing us! Congratulations to all submissions! Monsters vs Robots, by Amora Leite, is a a beautiful storybook in 2 different languages, incredible illustrations, lots of puzzles and funny interactions from the the splash screen to the last scene. Really cute characters and a good story flow. By the way, if you want to know a bit more on how he did it, check our interview here. As the reward, the app will receive a review/rating from Digital Storytime. When it is done, we will share the link with our community. Congratulations Leonardo!

Interview with Leonardo Amora

Today I talk to Leonardo Amora, from He is the author of Monsters vs Robots. Tell us a little bit about you and your studio. Where are you based and what is your “story”?  I founded my studio shortly after the Ubisoft company, where I worked, has closed the production studio here in Brazil. I worked there for 6 years with video games for various platforms like NDS, PSP, PS2, 360 and others. At, which is 2.5 years old, I work doing artwork for small businesses and game developers. My main work includes two published children’s books, four games, and at least 6 video games. Check my website…