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Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 Launch

Copyright: Adobe Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 Announcement Adobe just announced their Creative Cloud update (called CC 2014), which includes lots of new features in all product lines, including Photoshop. Although people, myself included, will be very excited with the new gizmos, one thing was left behind in the announcement (or at least was barely touched): ALL Photoshop plugins for CS5, CS6 and CC will NOT be compatible with the new product. Adobe decided to remove all Flash integration (plugin panels were written in ActionScript) in exchange of new HTML/CSS/Javascript made ones. This means that vendors like Kwiksher will be required to write different versions of their products for each product….

Announcing the “new” Kwik

Few hours ago, I just announced Kwik version 3, from now on, simply called Kwik (check the video below for the full session), I think it is important to write a few words on the things we have discussed in the event. What is new? When I first blogged about Kwik “Next”, I mentioned the three main development goals: Better code infrastructure: meaning access to the latest benefits of Lua and Corona (the engine behind Kwik), no more limitations regarding project and variable sizes and improved performance. Kwik will use Corona’s new Storyboard API (currently in development/testing), which has a much better memory handling and performance management; Ease of Use,…