Snapshot Eraser – Kwik4

Snapshot Eraser Demo Sample Project PSD - page1 there are two pictures as "Fall" and "Mt" layers Fall layer to be scrached to reveal "Mt" layer beneath it. attaching canvas to Fall layer Publish and then customise the lua file of Fall canvas Custom Fall_canvas_.lua \build4\components\page01 folder, you find Fall_canvas_.lua create page01 folder under \build4\custom\components\ copy Fall_canvas_.lua to \build4\custom\components\page01 then overwrite it as the codes below If you change the layer name from "Fall" or "Mt", just change them at UI.canvas and UI.background variables inside _M:localPos() function. You may change UI.canvas.brushSize as you like You may change brush shape by setting your own png image file to createBrush()...

Making digital picutre book with photshop

Designing Self Publishing "Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs" Farrah Gray Kwik So, you have drawings or pictures to tell, what if ... Self - publishing No Revenue Share Less than $300 for publishing cost Advanced features Faster Preview and Publish Creating with Photoshop As of an Adobe photoshop extension, Kwik simplfies the creation of interactive, animated contents as apps for iOS, Android, Mac&Windows computers. Kwik prdouces source codes for Corona SDK that builds application binaries. Digital App Market Devices and Platforms(Operating System) Apple Phone, iPad, TV, Mac Google Phones, Tablet, TV Amazon Tablet, TV Microsoft PC Complexity means much time and cost...

Downloadable Sample with IAP badger

A sample app consists of three epsodes. Epsode1 is free, Epsode2 and Epsode3 are to be paied. Once paied, the image files of Eposde2 or Epsode3 is downloaded from an Internet server iap_badger is well known library of Corona SDK. It supports apple, google and amazon Sample app please read more from this tutorial page P.S. you need the latest Daily build of Corona SDK and the latest Kwik4.

Kwik4.0.1 animated gif and png

A new feature to create animated gif and png files are added to Kwik 4.0.1. Please download the latest Kwik A sample project is here Currently this feature only works with Mac.  Window users, please wait a while, I am now working on. Mac users, first download and install GraphicsMagick. In Mac OS X, you can simply use Homebrew and do: brew install graphicsmagick Windows users, you can donwload the installer from GraphicsMagick-X.X.XX-Q8-win32-dll.exe should work for you. GifAnim sample consists of two pages. page1 just plays a rotated animation and swipe to page2, you can click the image to start a filter animation. page1 page1:Page Properties > Screen Recording is...

The best kwik app of 2016

Beastly Crusader is the best kwik app of 2016 on Kwiksher's showcase. I do honor to Peakman, EpicPuzzle Beastly Crusader Language Support: English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, Korean; He shows various techniques to make amazing animation effects for his adventurous visual novel. It takes hours to read all the pages with beautiful graphics and you can study how he excerpted the core power of Kwik and Corona SDK for interactive visualizations. P.S. He recently released Santa Music Box. X'mas passed but not too late to check his free app. Best regards, yamamoto
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