Drag A Shape With Particles

Demo: https://kwiksher.com/demo/drag_with_particles/ Sample: https://kwiksher.com/tutorials/Kwik4/Drag_with_particles.zip Create Partciels to Circle shape Create Group of Cricle and Star Add Actions act_start to play the particles act_stop to stop the particles Drag the group Hide Circle for initialization 1. Particles Particle Replacement to Circle shape Particle window > Create/Edit partilce to open ditor Particle Editor 2. Create Group. Group WIndow to group Circle and Star together * Name: gp_StarCircle 2. Add Actions act_start * Play Particles * Show Circle act_end * Stop Particles * Hide Circle 3. Drag Group: gp_StarCircle Trigger action on dragging: act_start Trigger action on release :act_end 4. Hide Hide layer: Circle That's all. Publish and Enjoy https://github.com/kwiksher/blog/master/drag_with_particles.mdMarkdown with by wp-gfm

Kwik 4 Utilities – converting Kwik3 .kwk for Kwik4

You can download the scrips from github https://github.com/kwiksher/kwik4Util download the script file to ~/Documents/Kwik open photoshop File > Scripts > Browse.. Select the script then a file dialog appears to select a .kwk file of your project. Open the project (.kwk) with Kwik4. Kwik3 project folder lacks the tmplt folder of Kwik4, you can add it from Project Properties > Publish > update template. It adds the tmplt folder which contains lua template files for publish. KwikResize KwikResize.jsx translates the coordinate [x,y] in a Kwik3 project to the coordinate x, y of ultimate config(@4x) system of Kwik4 the value of Kwik3 project file (.kwk) is updated for Kwik4. The following...

Adobe Animate (Flash)

I am hosting Adobe Animate Meetup in Tokyo on Feb 12, 2019. I looked over a book of Flash from Ajar Productions. Also reviewing Animate CC 2019, a new age of animation is coming. https://ajarproductions.com/blog/flash-extensions/ https://ajarproductions.com/blog/2010/09/13/animation-for-flash-now-shipping/ Animation With Scripting For Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Studio Techniques Chris Geornenes and Justin Putney Copyright @2011 The mere formulation of a problem is far more often essential than its solution, which may be merely a matter of mathematical or experimental skill. -- Albert Einstein Technical aspects File Setup Asset Library Scene Title Safe and Action Safe Timeline Layer ActionScript JSFL Script Camera Techniques Panning Parallax scrolling Zooming Audio Creative phases Narrative - the...

Kwik 4.1.1

Kwik 4.1.1 relased on 3rd of September, 2018 https://kwiksher.com/daily/Kwik4_2018_0903.zip New icons and splashscreen image are generated with Project Properties > Publish tab. You need to reset your icon image and the old launch screen images from the panel Splash screen control needs to be purchased from Corona Lab's market LaunchScreen of iOS, you need to open launchimage-master/LaunchImage.xcodeproj from XCode. Please read the instruction from Corona Labs, and then export LaunchScreen.storyboardc to build4 folder. Messages of Permissions (iOS only) in build.settings For instancec NSCameraUsageDescription = "This app would like to access the camera.", https://docs.coronalabs.com/guide/distribution/buildSettings/index.html https://docs.coronalabs.com/guide/distribution/localization/index.html en.lproj, ja.lproj folders are created under build4 folder. Kwik generates them from the language codes set...

Photo image and QR scanner

I made the two tutorials. They are not related each other except their use case starts with a paper. Please use the latest Kwik4. I have updated it today Photo image from device's gallery https://kwiksher.com/doc/tutorials/kwik/media/photo_with_mask.html 1.user draws and colors a shape on a paper 2. user takes it with camera and save it to picture gallery. edit and trim if necessary 3. user opens the app to load the photo P.S. the app itself does not invoke the camera. Before loading the photo, the photo should be taken beforehand. QR scanner https://kwiksher.com/doc/tutorials/kwik/media/qr_code.html 1.  user clicks the button to start QR scanner on the app
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