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Addressing 31 suggestions and feedback from Kwik Survey – Part 1

You may have seen the results already of our Kwik Survey (if not, they are here: http://t.co/ZeQ7JUw). The pages does not show the list of suggestions and feedback receive. Below, the list with our comments. Again, thanks for your participation! 1) “Generally it’s a great and very useful product for people with little to no coding experience. What makes it shine is the really good customer and technical support and the frequent updates. As for feedback and suggestions if i’ll encounter any while I’m working in Kwik I’ll let you know, like I did so far.” Well, no comments here besides, thanks! 2) “Need Kwik for Fireworks” Not in the plans for this moment (sorry!). Kwik is still in its infancy and there is lot…

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