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Kwik Survey

Few days ago we sent a survey to all Kwik users, asking them to help the “Kwik Next” generation of features. Here the results and answers to ALL open questions/suggestions/complains. Thanks again for your participation! Which features are used the most? Besides the basic buttons and actions (everybody need them, right?), clearly animations (linear and path) are in the top. Physics and Sprite Sheets were well voted/used as well. Your input here will help to add new features or improve existing ones.   Which features are used the least? Clearly, almost anyone have used Maps and a few other futures. I wasn’t expecting a large number of people mentioning not using In-app purchase (second most voted) and multi-language (the third most voted). Your input here will…

Results from the past surveys: monetization and new interface

In the past weeks many of you were very kind providing feedback and sharing information. Saying that, I think it is nice from my side to share the results of the past 2 surveys. Hope you see some value here! Monetization 82 users responded the survey about monetization. 3 questions were asked: Have you published a paid app/storybook with Kwik? If so, how much did you earn? 20 users answered yes. Only one of the respondents made more than $1,000 in sales. Another one made more than $500, and 18 earned less than $500 since launch. The third question for me was the most important one: Did you market your app? As you can see by the numbers below, the majority of publishers are failing…

Kwik by the numbers

This Saturday I will close the current survey about Kwik 2 (if you missed the chance to provide your feedback and have a chance to receive a FREE serial number for the current or future version of our plugin, do it now: http://www.icontact-archive.com/TJrllihCA_qG_jusHj0Yq2ukufVxREly?w=2). With that, I hope to move from planning to design phase. Meanwhile, I would like to share some facts, I just found today, visualizing Kwik 2 (potential) new features. Kwik 1.0 (launched May 5th, 2011, after 4 months of design/(learn to and) coding) 19 modules (being 3 external Lua modules provided by Ansca: reader, toggle and ui, and 1 by Ricardo Rauber: director). 2 animation types, 4 button actions. Total lines of code (including Javascript, Lua and Actionscript): 5,543 Kwik 1.0 map…

What is coming?

Few weeks ago I released another survey to understand Kwik’s users and their most required needs. Lots of things have changed since the previous research in August. For example, now, almost 90% of the users are using the plugin for more than a month. Almost 27% of them are using Kwik to build an app (not a storybook). 44% are not coming from Ansca’s premises anymore (the news are spreading from word of mouth), and most of the users are from outside the United States. Path animation is the favorite current feature and several apps are going to be released in the next weeks. However, most people probably want to know the missing feature list (38 users answered this open question). The results helped me…

Survey results and free webinar

Few weeks ago, 53 users voiced their opinion on what we should focus for the next Kwik’s release. The chart below shows that animation stills a top request, followed close by in-app purchase. A little behind, multi-language projects, ebook export, then magazine related features. 28 open-ended responses were received, most of them proposing new features, asking for long term requests (mostly page curl ), and sharing good words about Kwik (in fact, only 1 complained about bugs not fixed – I personally would love to receive the list of them for this unknown user). For the full list (total transparency commitment), check here. Again, thanks for your help here. All notes were taken and are part of the future feature list. Based on the feedback…

Our new user

Last June we had our first survey to learn better about our users (at that moment, Kwik was only a month and a half old). A few things have changed since then according our August’s survey (28 respondents). Here are our findings: a) Most users (72%) are using Kwik for more than a month; b) 72% of them are using Kwik to build storybook apps (this number was 61% in June); c) 79% found us via Ansca’s communications (84% in June), meaning we are reaching more people from other vehicles (friends recommendation and search were mentioned a lot this time); d) 64% are from the United States, with customers all around the world. In June, only 50% were from USA; e) 29% have apps ready…

“Who are you” Survey

Most of you have received an invitation to fill out another quick survey on who are you, what are you doing with Kwik and what are your needs for future versions. If you want to tell us and did not received the invitation, here goes the link: https://app.icontact.com/icp/sub/survey/take As usual, we are going to publish the results here (the good and the ugly) in a few days. Meanwhile (as we do not ask for your email/name), if you are the person who wrote the comment below, please let us know via support@kwiksher.com (you don’t need to pay again until we announce version 2, which is really far to happen): “frustrated that I just purchased the extension, and the following week you come out with an…

Addressing 31 suggestions and feedback from Kwik Survey – Part 2

This post concludes the list of suggestions and feedback that came from our survey. Enjoy! 17) “A page flip animation and timers would be great. I would also love to try Kwik for apps (native UI stuff).” Page flip has been much harder to implement than expected. Ansca is working on a way to implement it natively and we believe this is going to be the best way to have it. Native UI is in the future list. Fact is native UI is still in its first day with Corona. The current implementation, in our opinion, is not yet 100% ok, with several components being missed and not very stable yet. 18) “I just used the trial version. I felt something else is missing, may…

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