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Is my story good enough?

Introducing Storyline Review Services Most Kwik users are publishing stories for the first time. Their amazing excitement sometimes goes down when a reviewer says "the story is confuse" or "illustrations are gorgeous but story not much". To avoid (real) situations like that, we are offering a new service called Storyline Review. We have partnered with experienced, many times published, author and illustrator, Anna Hines, a long time Kwik user, to provide a detailed critique on how to improve your story, BEFORE starting to create your storybook app (with Kwik or with any other product or vendor). Save your time, money and frustration! Feel free to check Anna's thoughts on this service. I strongly believe Anna's input will help to improve your stories and, consequently, increase your chances of...

Publishing your storybook app with Kwiksher

Introducing Kwiksher’s Publishing Service For many people the tasks of working with the different app stores, creating certificates, and marketing storybook apps are daunting and a hurdle for publishing. Some don’t have (or want) to spend money with membership fees, others don’t have a Mac to publish to Apple’s App Store. A great number of them don’t even plan to launch new stories. To support future authors on a budget or those ones willing to spend time and money only in the story and design part, we are pleasure to announce that Kwiksher will offer publishing services to selected stories, based on these criteria: Global appeal; Educational content; Originality; Check the “basic economics” of creating, publishing and marketing a storybook app: Do It Yourself Kwiksher…

Storyboard/Composer is finally here!

After many months waiting Corona Labs to release their new Composer API (their official scene management library that is now replacing Director, the one Kwik has been using since its first days, previously known as Storyboard), I am glad to share that, since build 2014.2150, the new library is available. Before anything, a would like to thanks Alex Frangeti from Corona Labs, who dedicated hours helping me to make the code compatible with the library. What a great guy! IMPORTANT: only Corona Pro and Enterprise paid users can access the daily builds. Corona Starter and Basic users will need to wait a bit more till the next Public Release. If you are NOT a Corona Labs’ paid user, DO NOT INSTALL the newest version! It took much…

Welcome 2014!

My letter to you who, directly or indirectly, became part of my life in 2013: Dear all, What an year we had in 2013! I am truly grateful for your input helping shape Kwik and Kutt but, more than that, for the opportunity you gave me to improve my skills and become a better person. I honestly ponder about all words of incentive, support and friendship you sent. I know how time is short for providing unpaid feedback and requesting for things that should be work properly when they are not. You are really great! In a market that is still in its infancy (more on that on Crossing the Chasm with Mobile Apps), I tried different things in the past year. Some of them…

Contest: Design the new Welcome Screen image!

When the major release of Kwik comes next year, several new things will be announced, including the end of the Flash settings process. To celebrate the dead of this painful/annoying process, I would like to invite any Kwik user (paid or not) to participate in a contest to create the illustration that will replace the actual beta image below: This image will appear when the user launches Kwik for the first time. It has the purpose to salute new users and remind them about the importance of properly resize the plugin panel and personalize the Settings. Welcome Image Contest Design an illustration that covers the window purpose (mentioned above) and send it to alex@kwiksher.com. Images must be in JPG format, with dimensions of 600x340px. Image…

Crossing the Chasm with Mobile Apps

Reading my emails this morning, I was surprised with a particular one coming from Moglue, a long time competitor of Kwik. After three years promoting and selling their DYI (do it yourself) storybook tool, they just announced they are closing the business due lack of continued funding (according CrunchBase, Moglue has received a total of $990K in the period of 2 years). Although  the announcement is really surprising (I wish Kwiksher had the almost $1M in investment as well), there are a few indications happening in the market at this moment that may explain some of their reasons. Just to make things clear, my words below are just assumptions as I never talked to anyone from Moglue to learn more about the “real deal” behind…

Introducing Kutt

Today we introduce Kutt, the fastest way to design interfaces for different platforms! Kutt, our second Photoshop plugin, aims to support creatives by speeding up the creation of user interfaces for a variety of device resolutions and sizes. Design once and Kutt does the rest of the job, exporting images to different resolutions and creating a “Developer Report” that shows size and positioning of each file generated, speeding up the task of your developer re-creating the interface while coding. Kutt also exports icons and compress all png files for you. While other competitors can also generate more than one image per layer, usually they create only images for iOS (@1 and @2 images only) and do not offer any tool to help developers to quickly…

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