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Understanding the Sync feature

Few weeks ago I blogged about how to use the Sync feature (new in version 1.7). Since them I got several feedbacks for improvements, which will come with release 1.8 (at this moment a few users are testing it). They are: better highlight (not blinking as the current version anymore); option to define if the language used reads from left to right (default) or right to left (this is critical for languages like Arabic and Japanese, for example); I would like to take the opportunity also to clarify a few things while using this feature: the text layer is exported as text, not as an image. It means that the positioning and format will NOT be the same as you see in your Photoshop composition….

Setting up your first project with audio and text sync

You may have seen  the sneak preview of a top requested feature coming with v1.7, the Sync audio and text feature (if you haven’t, check this video: http://youtu.be/pgGMRvBmcK8), and probably is wondering what will you need and how to use that. Although the user guide will bring details on how it works, I thought it would be nice to provide some step-by-steps here, not covered in the guide. Preparing your audio files: In order to enable the new feature, you will need a list with the time codes (start and end positions) of each word spoken in your audio file. Several audio software can help you to get this positions. I decided to integrate Kwik with Audacity (http://audacity.sourceforge.net/), as it is a free software, available…

Guest Post: Creating the Flickering Candle Sprite

This week I invited Malcolm, from Linlou Creative Arts, to share with us some tips on his current project. I hope you enjoy and get excited to contact me to share yours too! Below, Malcolm words: One of our current interactive projects is a Christmas story titled “The Night Before Christmas……The Gift.” In looking for creative ways to display the story text we wanted to use a window that had a very rich, old text looking sort of appearance. What we settled on was an ancient parchment scroll. In keeping with our ancient text theme, we thought it would be cool to illuminate the scroll window with candle light. Candle flames flicker and dance about, so we needed to create that animation. Our first thought…

[Updated Posting] In-App Purchase in Kwik 1.7 – Walk-through

In the past months, several requests about In-App Purchase (IAP) with Kwik came up and, according our police to provide your requests first, I would like to announce that IAP will be one of the top features of the upcoming 1.7 version. I have to say that I am curious why this is one of the top requisitions. IAP is complex to setup (more below) and most of the current apps made with Kwik at this moment don’t seem to require this new feature. Saying that, I would like to anticipate how to use IAP with Kwik 1.7. First thing to understand is that IAP can be implemented in two different ways when users buy a product from your app: an internal asset (a page,…

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