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Kwik 4.5.0 in Adobe Exchange Marketplace

Kwik 4.5.0 Available from Adobe Exchange Market Removed License registration and transfer license from Settings Particle editing is available kwik4tmplt repository contains the latest tmplt files. You can clone it into your Kwik project. Firstly, delete the current tmplt folder then git clone it naming with tmplt git clone https://github.com/kwiksher/kwik4tmplt tmplt Update Doc - Kwik is Free - Getting Started About Bookshelf tutorial sample in github Github Sponsorship Do you become a sponsor to Kwiksher? https://github.com/sponsors/kwiksher I stopped a license sale. I would like to make Kwik5 on the new Adobe UXP platform rather than spending some time on marketing or promoting sales. Kwik4 is a CEP plugin for Adobe...