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From The Blog: Corona Labs annual update

Corona labs announcment

Corona labs will be closed 1st of May on 2020.

There are so many discussions on going right now in the community.

Kwiksher will support the SDK to continue to build apps. I am not sure how to help but I could look into the source codes of the SDK for fixing an issue if any or updating something. Or if they open a github sponsor, financially I could share a little profit of Kwiksher. If anyone has made a fortune out of Corona SDK, don't hesitate to M&A Corona 🙂

If the offline build is supported as mentioned, and the license is MIT, I feel the SDK will bring better experience to make a visual story book application with Kwik. Another thing in my vision is to migrate the SDK to Adobe Animate.

By the way, I have been busy in developing a new plugin for Adobe XD. It helps to make a storyboard in XD. You may use the plugin to import a hand drawn storyboard to XD. XD supports an image editing feature of Edit In Photoshop. So you could sketch a storyboard with Photoshop. The plugin also supports importing a fountain file of a screenplay.

It is now under the phase of private beta testing and the public beta will start in March. There is a manager app which installs or updates the plugin with a license management. It is made with Corona SDK such a nice cross platform SDK.

Corona is a very good platform for 2.5D game/app development and talented developers are in the community, let's support it and wish good luck.

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