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Character Animator – PNG sequence

This new feature in Video replacement supports to play PNG sequence files generated from Adobe Character Animator or any other software.

You need the latest Kwik4. Corona runs at 30 fps. You can check it with debug print with FPSCalculator

However if you create hundreds of pngs with full screen size, the app size becomes huge. Be careful.

In Character Animator

  • A background psd file is added.

  • Blending Mode is normal for Blank Face's Character Layer.

  • Export PNG Sequence

In Kwik

  • Video Replacement for bg layer.

  • Click Use png files

    • Input the filename of the first PNG sequence. For instance, the sequence starts from "Blank Face.000.png",

      • Blank Face
      • 000

        don't need .png at the end

  • Click File: to browse the folder of PNG sequence

  • Folder is selected and press Create


  • Video action: play and pause work for PNG sequence too. rewind is not supported.


  • you can enable it in extlib/movieclip_player.lua

Publish and Enjoy!

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