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Drag A Shape With Particles

Demo: https://kwiksher.com/demo/drag_with_particles/ Sample: https://kwiksher.com/tutorials/Kwik4/Drag_with_particles.zip Create Partciels to Circle shape Create Group of Cricle and Star Add Actions act_start to play the particles act_stop to stop the particles Drag the group Hide Circle for initialization 1. Particles Particle Replacement to Circle shape Particle window > Create/Edit partilce to open ditor Particle Editor 2. Create Group. Group WIndow to group Circle and Star together * Name: gp_StarCircle 2. Add Actions act_start * Play Particles * Show Circle act_end * Stop Particles * Hide Circle 3. Drag Group: gp_StarCircle Trigger action on dragging: act_start Trigger action on release :act_end 4. Hide Hide layer: Circle That's all. Publish and Enjoy https://github.com/kwiksher/blog/master/drag_with_particles.mdMarkdown with by wp-gfm

Kwik 4 Utilities – converting Kwik3 .kwk for Kwik4

You can download the scrips from github https://github.com/kwiksher/kwik4Util download the script file to ~/Documents/Kwik open photoshop File > Scripts > Browse.. Select the script then a file dialog appears to select a .kwk file of your project. Open the project (.kwk) with Kwik4. Kwik3 project folder lacks the tmplt folder of Kwik4, you can add it from Project Properties > Publish > update template. It adds the tmplt folder which contains lua template files for publish. KwikResize KwikResize.jsx translates the coordinate [x,y] in a Kwik3 project to the coordinate x, y of ultimate config(@4x) system of Kwik4 the value of Kwik3 project file (.kwk) is updated for Kwik4. The following...