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Adobe Animate (Flash)

I am hosting Adobe Animate Meetup in Tokyo on Feb 12, 2019. I looked over a book of Flash from Ajar Productions. Also reviewing Animate CC 2019, a new age of animation is coming.

Animation With Scripting For Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Studio Techniques

Chris Geornenes and Justin Putney Copyright @2011

The mere formulation of a problem is far more often essential than its solution, which may be merely a matter of mathematical or experimental skill. -- Albert Einstein

Technical aspects

  • File Setup
    • Asset Library
    • Scene
      • Title Safe and Action Safe
    • Timeline
      • Layer
    • ActionScript
    • JSFL Script
  • Camera Techniques
    • Panning
    • Parallax scrolling
    • Zooming
  • Audio

Creative phases

  • Narrative - the sequences of events that constitutes your story - the structure of a story

    • Is the story drive by a character or a situation
    • What characters are present in the story
    • How do the characters' action affect one another?
    • From whose point of view is the story told?
    • In what sequences are the story elements presented?
    • What is the setting (time and place) of the story?
    • What conflicts occur in the story?
    • How are the conflicts resolved?
    • Type of Narrative
      • Linear
      • Nonlinear
      • Branching
  • Character Design

    • exploration and communication
    • Model sheets
  • Storyboarding
    • framing - shot composition
      • setting
      • plot
      • action
      • camera shots
      • perspective angle
  • Animatics - working out the timing of each shot

Character Animation - creating the illusion of life

  • Animation Techniques
    • Hand-drawn(Traditional) Animation
    • Tweening
    • Stop Motion
      • cutout animation
  • Designing a Character
    • Conceptualizing
    • Building a Character in Flash
      • Working with Symbols
        • Nesting
      • Working with the imported sketch
      • Drawing
    • Animating a Character
      • Creating joints
      • Creating run cycles
    • Animating a Character with Inverse Kinematics
      • creating an armature using symbols
    • Adding Dialog
      • Lip Syncing
        • Creating the mouth symbol
        • Populating the mouth shapes
        • Importing the audio

Reason to Use ActionScript for Animation

  • The intended effect cannot be accomplished with Timeline animation
  • It takes less time to accomplis the effect with ActionScript
  • The ActionScript effect is easier to reuse
  • The ActionScript effect has already been developed
  • The ActionScript effect is more flexible in the event that there are changes
  • User interactivity is required

Workflow Automation - JSFL

Animation is an intensely creative art. It requires an understanding not only of shape and color, but also of weight, movement, and timing. ... Any minuscule loss of form, even for a fraction of a second, chips away the illusion. ... Every measure of control translates into a choice, which can quickly become overwhelming, especially when several steps are needed to enact each choise.

Sharing Your Animation

  • web
  • video

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