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Kwiksher under new management. Last days to purchase Kwik in 2014!

Starting today, Kwiksher is under new management.

Today, September 2, 2014, Naoya Yamamoto has acquired Kwiksher from Alex Souza. With customers around the world, Kwiksher was founded in 2011 and was based in Coral Springs, FL. Under the new management, the operation will be transferred to Tokyo, Japan.

Yamamoto started his carrier as a software engineer at Fujitsu and since then has worked in several projects for companies including Hi Corp, Catalystmobile Inc and Neos Corp. He co-authored a Japanese Corona SDK book in 2012, which includes lots of information about Kwik.

“I am very excited to build up the legacy Alex has left with his vision and hard work with Kwik, Kutt and Kaboom. I sincerely wish him the best in his new endeavors”, said the new executive.

Alex’s farewell is available here.

Taking advantage of this posting, we would like to announce our plans for the next months. Please read carefully as ALL users are affected by the news.

License model

Kwik 3 license was originally designed as a subscription model. Starting today, we are changing this back to a perpetual license model. It means that both current and new paid users* will be able to use Kwik after their previous expiration date. Future versions (Kwik 4, 5, and so on) may require new purchase with a new license model, which will be detailed when new products are available in 2015.

Trial Users

During the management transition period (from October 1st, at least, till the end of 2014 calendar year), Kwik will NOT be available for sale anymore – more on that below. So, if you plan to release an app during this year, September is your last month to purchase Kwik 3.

Paid Users

All valid subscriptions with expiration date in 2015 or above, will be perpetually extended, with update 3.3.

*Users with subscription expiring in 2014 will need to purchase a new license in September, if they plan to keep using Kwik 3 after their expiration dates.

Kwik 3 sales ends this month. Act fast if you plan to create apps before 2015!

September is your last chance to purchase the product in 2014, if you are a trial user or a subscriber with a subscription ending in 2014. Only full licenses (previously yearly subscription) will be available for purchase till the end of this month.

Due the several things happening in the last quarter of this year (localization to Japanese market included), we decided to close the SHOP area of the website after September. This will allow us to focus on support and preparing the future. Trials will still be available during this period, for people willing to learn more about the product.

Support, Tutorials and User Guide access

Support will be provided via the Forums only, the same way it is working today.  Tutorials and User Guide pages will still be available. Another Kwik 3 update may be available in December, if there were critical bugs to be fixed.

Asset Store

We are closing the Asset Store permanently. We would like to thank the vendors that promoted/sold products in our Asset Store but, due the many changes that we will face in the next months, our decision was not to manage the Asset Store anymore.

Future plans

We hope to bring an entirely new Kwiksher experience, with Kwik version 4 coming back in the second quarter of 2015!


With some many changes and news, we expect to see some questions from you. Please enter them here and we will gladly answer all of them!

Thank you very much for your support and understanding. We are really excited to bring great news in the next months!
Naoya Yamamoto!
twitter: http://twitter.com/@ymmtny