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Alex’s Farewell

This is my last posting as owner of Kwiksher. It is also the most difficult post I have ever written.

As you have heard in this week announcement, Kwiksher has been acquired by Naoya Yamamoto, a developer and long time Kwik user from Japan. However, I could not leave the company I created and spent the best days of my career in the past 3 years or so, without sharing a few words with you, who became, more than customers, good friends.

When I created Kwik, I set a mission to change the way people create and experience stories in digital media. Hundreds of non-technical people were able to share their stories, creating storybooks and games, without needing to learn code. I am really proud of that, specially considering I do not have any formal “professional coding” certification. Kwik (and the other products) is a work of sweat, love and good intentions. Fact is, what you have created is much more important than the plugin itself. Take a look at the Showcase and you will agree with that!

Although I have achieved, yet partly, my goal of changing the way content is created, I discovered that, alone, I would not be able to deliver the second part of my mission, neither cross the chasm of making Kwik the “de-facto” tool for app creation without code.

Due some changes in our family dynamics and a very good offer from Rackspace, I decided, after long days of thoughts, it was time to let Kwiksher to discover different opportunities and, hopefully, a brighter future. Sharing the news with a few people, who in the past showed their intentions of invest into Kwiksher, my good friend Yamamoto san stepped up and decided to acquire the company and its products, moving the entire operation to Japan.

As a proud “father” who wants to see his children to succeed in life, I wish Kwiksher and Yamamoto all the success they deserve. Being an user myself, I will still be around in the forums, and I am already counting days to download Kwik’s new version!

If you want to keep in touch, feel free to check my Linkedin profile (the email alex@kwiksher.com will not work anymore).


  • Hi Alex,
    What you have done by creating Kwik is just amazing and we could not have done all the work we have achieved those last 2 years without you, good luck and thank you!

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  • pigletroom@home.nifty.jp

    Dear Alex, you will be sorely missed. I have never met a developer who understands the needs of or who was so in touch with his clients and who cared so much for the art and craft needed for the modern age of deploying books and the creation of new media. I am glad you will still be around for the long haul in the forums. Change is difficult but we also understand family situations change almost as quick as the weather. Please look after your own first. We all hope things work out for you and that you have found peace in knowing that the code will continue to be developed. This is literally the most amazing thing since sliced bread and we are proud to have shared the journey with you. May you have peace and satisfaction with knowledge that your brilliance has helped many change their lives or should I say livelihoods! Thank you Alex!



  • Hi Alex,

    Thanks for creating Kwik and Kutt which are the plugins I use. You achieved something great with your products by helping non professional coders like me to build apps in Corona. I wish you and your family the best in the future


  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. “Thank You! Alex.” You brought a great product to market and a lot of (non-programming) folks have benefitted from it. Wishing you all the best in your new endeavors.

  • Kwik has been wonderful experience for me. Thank you for opening this door for me. All the best to you in your future works and life.

  • Alex, the trip with you was fantastic. For a “non-programmer” you certainly did a phenomenal job! Your response to our questions and your bug squashing was legendary. You taught me much, about more than just app programming. Thank you for the experience and may all good things come your way. You will be missed.

  • Alex, good luck and thank you for creating KWIK and always being here to help. Keep in touch, please.

    Welcome Yamamoto! Thanks for keeping this amazing tool alive!

  • Alex,
    best of luck to you and your family for the future. Thank you for all you have done with Kwik. I am a non programmer and still working my way through my first 2 apps, I would never have been able to even start them without Kwik and your help. Thanks again.

  • Being from the home city of Rackspace, we are certainly familiar with what an outstanding company they have become. I know you will also become an equally outstanding addition to their team. Thank you for your efforts with Kwik, your top notch service and your friendship. May God’s blessings overtake you each and every day.

  • Wow!!! I’m glad I found Kwik when I did. The experience was amazing and “A Star for Apple” is off to a good start. Thanks for giving your ALL and you will be missed as a friend from my point of view. You held our hands and the personal touch was truly appreciated. I too wish you well, and God’s blessings for the future.

  • Alex,

    I remember when first met in Miami at Merry Park to discuss your idea of Kwik. This was probably Christmas time 2010. Thank you for believing in my crazy idea of Ansca Mobile and thank you for putting your trust in our then nascent product.

    You took an idea, executed against it, and made a great product and I, as countless others here, thank you for all the effort into making Kwik what it became.

    I have also known Yamamoso-San since my Adobe days and I know that Kwik is in good gands. Yamamoto-San, congratulations on your acquisition of Kwiksher.

    Alex, all the best,


    Carlos M Icaza

  • light3dsaber@gmail.com

    All the best to you and your family, Alex!
    Thanks a lot for creating this wonderful tool for non-programers and artists, and your fast responses in forum and Kwik newsletters really make this product better and better everyday!

    And welcome Yamamoto to the Kwik family and keep this amazing tool alive!

  • You needed to be very brave, talented and special to create such an excellent product (s). It was becoming so big that I have anticipated this outcome. I will not forget your prompt, very professional and friendly support. I wish you and family all the best in your new life. Deus esteja convosco.

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