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Introducing the Asset Store

Do you have a nice song track or sprite sheet asset that could help others? Maybe you developed a nice external code that some Kwik users would love to have as well?

Introducing the new Asset Store!

Now you can sell your own creations and get some money back from your development time! Check the video above to learn how to become a vendor and sell your assets. You will get 70% of the price you set, while Kwiksher gets 30% to cover the processing fees.

The idea behind the Asset Store is to help creators to make some money (besides the app sales and/or advertisements) but also help consumers to speed up their development/design time with great assets that they couldn’t do by themselves. The videos below show how it works from the vendor and customer perspectives.

Buying an asset

Checking Your Sales

I am looking forward great additions into the Asset Store. Who will be the first?


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