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Introducing Kwik 3.2

Kwik 3.2 is here!

Today I would like to introduce Kwik 3.2. This update brings some nice additions including:

  • an easy way to create infinity scrolling (you can use it for backgrounds or any king of layers), as I have shown few weeks ago in this tutorial;
  • a new message system integrated in the plugin that will allow Kwiksher to send you special promotions and announcements. As many people asks for a way to “never leave Photoshop”, this is one of our answers 🙂
  • an integrated way to renew subscriptions from inside the tool;
  • Particle Replacement, a new option that allows you to import particles created by Particle Designer 2 into Kwik. Check this tutorial to see how it works.

Super Promo!!

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 1.42.42 PM

In order to celebrate the launch, I am offering for BOTH new and current users the annual subscription for only $99.99, until Friday (June 6th), end of day. This is a special offer that WILL NOT be extended. So, hurry up!

CURRENT SUBSCRIBERS can purchase a new subscription and follow the guidelines from the user guide to extended their current subscriptions.


  • Hello,

    I am hoping you can answer a few questions for me. I am a former teacher that would like to start creating educational children’s apps or interactive ebooks. I am committed to this. I have some intermediate experience with layout and image manipulation software, but nothing in terms of code. First, are your products something I could use to start doing this? Or, do I need to start somewhere else? If so, where would that be, in your opinion? How much training would I need go get started?


    • Brad, thanks for your interest. Most users don’t have any code experience. I would suggest you to download and play with the plugin, also checking some tutorials (there are lots of them in our website). If you want a formal, from zero to completed storybook, the Official Training is an option as well.

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