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Kwiksher’s New Shop Experience

After much work and sweat, the new website is finished, including a totally new shop experience, which includes access to your past orders as well. See the presentation video below and learn what is new:

Are you having problems with the new site?

For some users the new site sometimes cannot load pages or returns a php error. I am working with our provider to handle it as soon as possible. Meanwhile, just refresh the empty/error page and the right page will load fine. Sorry for this inconvenience.

Did you like it?


  • Everything looks great!

    Some pages seem slow to load, which could be my not the best internet service, but if I click the refresh icon they seem to come right in.

  • the website is beautiful… the old Forum had a nice feature where you could view new posts since your last visit… and view replies to your own posts… it would be nice to have that feature on the new Forum. It’s no biggie… just used to be a handy feature.

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