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Planning the future for Kwiksher and Kwik

With Kwik 3 being released, it is natural to expect constant updates for bug fixings. After all, now there is much more people using the new build. Today I released build 3.1.2, which fixes all reported and reproducible bugs.

Besides updates, I think it is important to share how I plan to manage my week from now on. I constantly face myself stopping things to answer emails, generating delays in things that may have deadlines or different priorities. These changes will establish a predictable timeframe for you regarding when to expect updates, communications and new products. Exceptions will be handled whenever is necessary.

  • Monday: Bug fixing and update release. As most users spend more time with Kwik during the weekends, it is common to have a long fix list every Monday morning. Therefore, this is going to be the day to get my hands “dirty” with your troubles.
  • Tuesday: I am setting it as my “Thinking” day, meaning imagine/detail/design new features and products. A good way to “influence” my thinking day is to continue using the Roadmap – Feature Request thread in the Forums.
  • Wednesday: It will be the administrative day at Kwiksher.
  • Thursday and Friday: All about coding the new features and products designed in the “Thinking Day”.
  • Saturday and Sunday: Office is CLOSED! Don’t expect support at these days anymore.

Of course I will keep checking the Forums and email in a daily basis so, there is NO need to send me emails asking for things already asked in the forums. By the way, please send email only if I asked for attachments in the original forum posting or if the content is confidential and cannot be shared with others in the public space of the forums. If your email is about something others can benefit by the answer, I will politely return you asking to reproduce the question in the forums. All requests will be handled in the proper time. If you need special attention, there is always the option to get priority support via our Services page.

Thanks a lot for your understanding and happy moments with Kwik!

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