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Publishing your storybook app with Kwiksher

Introducing Kwiksher’s Publishing Service


For many people the tasks of working with the different app stores, creating certificates, and marketing storybook apps are daunting and a hurdle for publishing. Some don’t have (or want) to spend money with membership fees, others don’t have a Mac to publish to Apple’s App Store. A great number of them don’t even plan to launch new stories.

To support future authors on a budget or those ones willing to spend time and money only in the story and design part, we are pleasure to announce that Kwiksher will offer publishing services to selected stories, based on these criteria:

  • Global appeal;
  • Educational content;
  • Originality;

Check the “basic economics” of creating, publishing and marketing a storybook app:

Do It Yourself Kwiksher Publishing
Storyline Review Service* $100 included
Consulting Services* $300 included
iOS Dev Membership (needs a Mac to publish) $100 included
Google Play Dev Membership $25 included
Publishes to Amazon and B&N optional included
Kwik Subscription $250 90 days subscription included ($100 value)
PR (creation and publishing)* $100 included
Digital Storytime Review* $150 included
Revenue Share None, after 30% cut from the store vendor Kwiksher gets 40% of each sale (author gets 60%), after 30% cut from the store vendor
Entry Costs



*optional services.

The Benefits of Publishing with Kwiksher

As you can see in the table above, Kwiksher:

  • Minimizes your initial costs;
  • Helps you to get the better of your story (with the Storyline Review and Consulting Services included);
  • Includes Kwik 90 Days Subscription for your development;
  • Speeds up your publishing process in all major stores (Apple, Google Play, Amazon and Barnes & Noble Nook), avoiding frustration with certificates and provisioning profiles creation;
  • Handles all initial marketing activities (press-release and Digital Storytime review);
  • Manages all sales and returns you 60% of each purchase made (after store cut);
  • As publishers with more apps gets more attention from the major stores and previous users, chances are your app will be seen many times more (thru cross-promotion) than if you had it published by yourself;
  • Saves you time to think/create your next story;

How does it work?

We plan to publish only storybooks that have great stories, illustrations, audio and interactivity. Unfortunately not all requests will be accepted until they reach the quality bar we are setting for all the topics above.

Step-by-step Publishing Workflow

  1. When you purchase the publishing service, you will be requested to send the storyline (for the Storyline Review Service), as well as sample of the illustrations you plan to use in the story;
  2. Our reviewers (myself included) will provide you a report whether your work will be accepted or not by Kwiksher;
    1. Approved works will continue the flow (some of them may receive suggestions of improvement);
    2. Pending approval works will need to be updated with suggestions of improvement in up to 30 days, otherwise they will be rejected – this may be the cases of good stories with not so great illustrations or vice-versa;
    3. Rejected works will receive a detailed report of the reasons they were not accepted. A refund of $350 will be made to the requester ($150 is charged for the initial consulting service);
  3. Kwiksher will provide a template for the app publishing, as well as an activation key for Kwik 90 Days Subscription;
  4. When the app is done, the author will send a zip file (instructions will be provided in the step above);
  5. Kwiksher will review the app and provide list of topics to be fixed/improved;
  6. Author implement the changes and send it back to Kwiksher – steps 4 to 6 may repeat a few times until the final app is ready for optimization;
  7. Kwiksher optimizes the app for publishing;
  8. Kwiksher tests the app (using TestFlight services) – steps 4 to 7 may repeat;
  9. Kwiksher publishes the app in the stores;
  10. Press-release is written and send to the author for approval;
  11. After approval, PR will be send to the media;
  12. Storybook will submitted to Digital Storytime Review;
  13. Author receives promo-codes for own promotion;
  14. Kwiksher sends monthly report on sales (and payment via PayPal);


Why the publishing service is so cheap?

Part of it is because the author is creating the storybook (using Kwik). However, we will evaluate the success of this initiative and learn from the experience. Depending on the amount of work, this service price may be increased to cover all the hours involved. After all, we want the best works only.

Why revenue share?

Besides creating a large library of great content made with Kwik, the revenue share is a great option to those ones willing to spend less and have more exposure.

Do I keep copyright/credits of my work?

Of course! Kwiksher will be name only as the publisher of the app. All other credits are from their respective owners.

Can I get my story back if later I decide to publish it by myself?

Yes, you can ask for the removal of your app from our catalog anytime.


As we are yet working on this service, please share your questions, comments, feedback and suggestions. There is still time for changes on the process!

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