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Update on Kwik and other things…

First of all, I would like to share my discomfort with the lack of updates on Kwik. Many of you are patiently (other not so much :)) waiting for the Storyboard integration that seems never get alive from Corona Labs. The last info I have says it is coming in a near Daily Build (meaning only Corona Pro users will get access to it first). Unfortunately no dates are set for that yet. The good news is Corona just released their latest Public Build (2013.2076) and, probably they will work the beta testing of the new Storyboard in the next daily builds. Fingers crossed!

Although I can’t do much about Corona Lab’s decision, I would like to inform you that Kwik is ready for Storyboard and I have also updated a few things (for example, the ability to set group position based on Photoshop layers – see video below) and fixed a bunch of bugs. As these updates are coded only for the “storyboard” bits, you will need to wait a bit more to get hands on them. If you are worried about paying still for a beta product, get assured you have received more months than the twelve for a yearly subscription. If needed, I will add more months to your accounts. So, no worries here.

As I can’t do much with Kwik at this moment, I decided to spend a couple of weeks working on a new product (a post about it will come next week). Without revealing much, it will be a Photoshop plugin to help designers to speed up the design of apps while working with developers. No need of Corona nor SDK “A” or “B”.

I also finished the 9 weeks live course with School of Visual Storytelling (SVS). The 16+ hours content (covering not only how to use Kwik but overall info on mobile design and marketing your apps) is available as a “Lite” (offline) class as well. I strongly recommend it to new users or skilled users willing to learn more about the plugin.

To keep me busy, I am also consulting the amazing illustrator Will Terry on his upcoming app. If you want to know what he is doing, check his website as his is blogging all steps of his workflow.

Lastly, I have worked with renown illustrator Brian Ahjar on his demo portfolio app (video below), showcased at Creative Talent Network Conference. The app brings a few things that will be seen in Kwik in the next updates (Facebook integration and real parallax with accelerometer).

I hope you get some comfort with the news and keep providing your feedback via the forums. Thanks again for your support!


  • Glad to see what is cooking! I can wait when I know the dinner will be good 🙂
    I wonder what new feature will Storyboard allow us to do? How it will change from the previous API?
    Are things like controlling a camera in a big scene, having a parallax scrolling possible with storyboard?
    What can will we be able to do soon ?

    • Alone, the Storyboard api just controls scene management (with better performance than Director). On top of Storyboard, I have written better code to manage variables and other things.

      Comparing to the current code, the new code is completely different, specially now that Corona changed lots of other things (a nightmare for me because several things that were working just stopped to because groups positions are different than the past, color reference changes, etc).

      Everything is possible with Storyboard or Director. It is just a matter of program it on top of the scene management of your choice.

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