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Announcing the “new” Kwik


Few hours ago, I just announced Kwik version 3, from now on, simply called Kwik (check the video below for the full session), I think it is important to write a few words on the things we have discussed in the event.

What is new?

When I first blogged about Kwik “Next”, I mentioned the three main development goals:

  • Better code infrastructure: meaning access to the latest benefits of Lua and Corona (the engine behind Kwik), no more limitations regarding project and variable sizes and improved performance. Kwik will use Corona’s new Storyboard API (currently in development/testing), which has a much better memory handling and performance management;
  • Ease of Use, Better User Experience: this was my main focus in the past months. Making sure the learn curve for new users is simpler yet faster. For old time users, offering productive tools to speed up designing time and making it easier the task of learn new features when they are needed;
  • New features: they will come in different ways: a) as improvement of current features and b) totally new, “out of the box” options.

The first two goals were shown in our today’s presentation and I really hope you agreed they are important additions to your experience with the plugin. As soon as we can distribute the newest Storyboard from Corona, I will start adding the new “new” features, meanwhile, the focus is to improve the current ones.

Why a subscription instead the perpetual license model?

With the constant changes coming from iOS and Android, Corona needs to update their code and access to functionality all the time. For example, something written with Corona or Kwik one year ago, will not run anymore because new features were added or changed from Apple or Google. Keeping adding new features and, at the same time, managing old code is a real challenge that most companies cannot afford anymore (take a look at the big players, including Adobe, Microsoft and Apple and you will see they are moving to subscriptions offerings only).

Availability and why should I move to a paid beta now?

Kwik is available for upgrading right now (more here) for a discounted price, including additional 3 free months on the subscription. I’ve learned with Kwik 1 that “free” beta-testing does not work. Paid users will spend real time with the tool finding bugs and providing the feedback we need. My “give back” to them is a really attractive discount.

If you are not a paid user, you will have the chance to purchase Kwik 2 till the end of September. I do understand some people will prefer to pay for a perpetual license and this is the reason they can buy the product in the next few days. However, if you want to have all the new things coming in the near months, you will be able to buy Kwik starting in October.


As always, your feedback are more than welcomed and appreciated.



  • The new features are indicative of a whole new chapter for Kwik, thank you again for the new version and your supportive approach to the forum members. Keep it up, can’t wait to start a new project.

  • I am really excited about this. I have two areas that always cause me headaches and you addressed both of those in your presentation – animations and video. Can’t wait to get my paws on the beta. The subscription makes all the sense in the world. Nothing is “perpetual” in the mobile world!

    Oh and I just got the notice that my first app that is mine, not done for clients, is in final review today. Life doesn’t get any better than this! LOL

  • while a little excited to learn the new version
    just a little concerned with the price increase of kwick , corona, and photoshop
    when I first stated with these programs it was about 479 dollars a year now it is 1450 dollars

    • Paul, thanks for the feedback. However, there is another way to see the math, if I may:
      – Corona Starter is free and, besides in-app purchase – IAP- (which is barely used on 99% of made with Kwik apps), offers all the feature set needed to create any kind of apps;
      – Photoshop CC can be purchased by $29.99 a month ($19.99 intro price) and it is much cheaper than past versions. Also, if you have your old CS5 or CS6, they work perfectly as well;
      – Regarding Kwik, no price changes plus, coming later this year, the 90 days rental option will make it cheaper for new users with just one project in their hands.

      So, the other way to see the math is a total of $250 if you have already Photoshop and don’t need IAP. Much cheaper than any other DYI tool in the market.

      • well one thing is for sure kwick is the best program on the market for making a lot of apps
        and i have tried them all lol
        its so easy and fast to create
        i will still get the upgrade as soon as i can afford it 🙂

  • Hi there,

    I just purshased the kwik 3 beta and i have a problem, i also have a lot of layers and draggable object, pinch….well i was thinking that if i bought the latest version i will not have any problem about the limitations but still there is a 200 locale variables limitation….

    in the terminal :
    Director ERROR: Failed to load module ‘page_1′ – Please check if the file exists and it is correct.
    2013-09-18 14:42:59.611 Corona Simulator[723:e03] ———————–
    2013-09-18 14:42:59.611 Corona Simulator[723:e03] error loading module ‘page_1′ from file ‘/Users/babstyle/Documents/Kwik/Instastudio/build/page_1.lua’:
    /Users/babstyle/Documents/Kwik/Instastudio/build/page_1.lua:243: function at line 12 has more than 200 local variables

    I am sure to use the latest version (when opening photoshop it say “you are using the latest version” )…
    How to do?

  • Plus…i checked the code on a same project published with kwik2 and it’s exactly the same…do i missing something?

  • Question. If we upgrade now to the new Beta, it is basically not functional until corona gets storyboard out? If that is the case is the version 2 license still usable? Or do our projects all get put on hold until the major update from Corona? Sorry for the questions just not clear what the case is with the license once we upgrade.

    • Current beta works the same way Kwik 2 does. When you export, it will generate the same functional code Kwik 2 would write (it uses the exactly same export module of Kwik 2).

  • So, the big question. When is Corona going to release the Storyboard API into the starter (or any version)?

    Thanks, Alex


  • Ok, Alex. I just bought it! Can’t play with it tonight ’cause I’ve still got to work for the man in the morning 😛

    Hopefully soon there will be an interactive book allowing me to stay home!!!!!!


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