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App of the Month: Zala and the Treasure Cave

App of the MonthAlthough August brought us just a few apps made with Kwik, we have to say their quality was amazing. Congratulations to all submissions!

As September will be a huge month for us (wait a few of hours to get our newsletter and you will know what we are talking about), we decided to anticipate the news regarding the App of the Month Award.

Zala and the Treasure Cave, by LogiTales, is a masterpiece that every 3D/motion graphics fans must have in their apps library. From models to rendering, to transitions between video and interactions, the storybook (should we call it a storybook?) is really well done, with a great story behind. The app was even winner of past week’s Corona Labs App of the Week (being the runner up of their App of the Month award).


By the way, if you want to know a bit more on how they did it, check our interview here.

As the reward, we are going to write a press-release in the next days. When it is done, we will share the link with our community. Congratulations Nuriza and Oliver!

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