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Kwiksher’s Partner Program

Certified PartnerWe would like to announce our Official Certified Partner Program, available to any company or individual who demonstrated good skills using Kwik and that would like to resell the plugin in a specific country or region.

With more and more people using Kwik, it is time to increase our official network of experts in sales, training and consulting areas.

Program Benefits:

  • Certified Partners will be able to sell Kwik directly to their customers with up to 20% discount (our recommendation is to give 10% discount to the end customer and keep the other 10% as an incentive for the sale);
  • Priority access to the Kwiksher team in support cases;
  • Access to presentations made by the Kwiksher team (so they can localize/edit to their local audience);


  • Proven experience using Kwik – this can be achieved with made with Kwik apps in our Showcase;
  • Minimum of 10 sales in the first 3 months (less than that and the 20% discount will decrease to 10% total);
  • When creating content, Kwiksher must formally approve the material before classes start;
  • Payment of $100 fee, charged only after the first sale occurs;
  • Kwiksher Certified Partner logo must be used in the partner website (partner logo will be promoted into Kwiksher’s website as well);

How it works:

  • Interested applicants should send an email to support@kwiksher.com asking for participation into the program. Please provide information about the company/individual, as well as experience with Kwik and Corona/Lua. Inform also the services you plan to sell (training, consulting, etc) and the country/regions you plan to cover;
  • After evaluation, Kwiksher will return with the approval into the program, if all requirements were matched. In this case, the partner will receive a personalized, discounted, link for direct sale, also access to a password protected page to register each sale;
  • Approved partners logo and name will be added in the official (to be created) certified partner page at Kwiksher’s website;
  • In the first three days of each month, Kwiksher will send a payment (via PayPal) to partners who had sales in the previous month, discounting applicable fees;

In a near future, we will have different categories for partners offering only training, consulting or software distribution. Meanwhile, every certified partner will get the same benefits and requirements. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask them here!



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