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Kwik “Next” update: current apps in need!

Dear all,

As you know already, I am working on Kwik’s next major release  – more here – and the first step is to keep compatibility with current apps. One of the major changes in the background is to move to Corona Labs’, under development at this moment, new scene/page management system (one of the reasons I cannot start the beta program now).

Saying that, I am re-publishing all the demos I have to check if the new code works as expected and, I need your help to check what “real people” are doing with Kwik. If you have a project following the requirement list below, let me know:

  • Your project must be working fine with Kwik 2 (after publishing, everything work as expected in the Simulator);
  • Your project is not bigger than 10 pages at this moment (larger than that projects are much more complex to debug without constant email exchange);
  • Best projects are the one including different features across pages;
  • Although not expected, you are willing to reply a few emails with questions about some things, if necessary;

When all of the tutorials and received projects pass the “updated” process, I will enter the following development phase: interface changes and new features.

If you are interested in submitting your project for analysis, please do the following:

  • Zip your project folder
  • Using services like Dropbox or WeTransfer, send the project to support@kwiksher.com
  • Use the following text in the subject “Kwik Next Project”
  • For the body, enter the list of features you are using (it does not need to have all features but a glimpse of the main things are welcomed). Also, add any particular instructions on how to access hidden objects or things you think are important to share

As I said before, I am not planning to bother you during the test process (do not expect emails saying “It worked” or “It did not work”). So, no news is good news.

Again, thanks a lot for your support!


  • Alex,

    We have two projects working fine on iOS devices, just fine tuning happening before public release. Both are 10 active pages plus two pages of company and product info (no interactions other than page turns and nav button on these last two pages).

    We’ll be happy to zip and share if it will help.


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