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What is in the future for Kwiksher?

Now that everybody knows the news (in case you were disconnected last week, take a look at our big announcement), I think it is important to clarify some topics and provide a glimpse of the things in our pipe for the future months.

First of all, I would like to reinforce my happiness in having both David and Carlos on board. More than good friends, they share the same vision I have for the future. Their arrival also means Kwiksher is in the right path to fulfill my goal in providing tools to creative people, enabling them to bring their stories to life. In sum, it is a recognition that together, you, the user, and I, have done something good in these past two years.

As Carlos is the current CEO (and one of the co-founders) of Lanica, which offers a different SDK (software development kit) for gamers, called Platino, some of you have reached me asking if Kwik will move to Platino. Before answering that, I want to remind he is also one of Corona Labs co-founders. Add to that he was the first person I discussed about Kwik (then an idea) and provided several insights due the first development days of the tool.

Kwiksher’s (the company) mission is to change the way people create and experience stories in the digital format. My personal goal has been to create tools for creative people. Creatives don’t care about sdks, languages, arrays, debug, etc. These are important things for developers, not story tellers.

When I first met David, we spent the entire time sharing our excitement about Kwik and how it was helping several of you realizing your dreams to self publish, without the need of a traditional publisher and/or a bunch of developers behind. He shared some of his own ideas on how things could be improved and we “clicked” in the first minutes of our conversation. As an anecdote, our meeting supposedly should had be a short one, as he had just a couple hours before taking a flight. However, we took all the time and after several animated hours he almost missed his plane!

Back to Carlos, he also believes that there is much more to be done and offered to non-developers, willing to get access to mobile devices. Again, we are not talking about sdks.

I like to think his contributions will be similar to those of Steve Jobs, when he decide to create Pixar, while he was the CEO of NeXT. Two different businesses. Also, Pixar used Windows, MacOS, Unix and NeXT machines. Jobs didn’t mix the vision of “combine proprietary technological and world-class creative talent to develop computer-animated feature films with memorable character and heartwarming stories that appeal to audiences of all ages” to “using only NeXT technologies…”.

I hope this long posting clears up some of your questions. My next posting will be about the things were already cooking. Meanwhile, feel free (like always) to provide your comments and feedback. They help us to improve our products and services.

So, finally answering the question above:

“No, Kwik will not be available to any other SDK besides Corona.”

Thanks again for your support,


  • I discovered Kwik when I was using a different solution. And I was still hung up trying to do a “universal” piece of code to change screen resolution when someone on their boards mentioned Corona. Which in turn lead me to Kwik.

    Other time demands made my app development take a back seat for a while, but I am within a couple of weeks of publishing my first of many stories and my first app of what I hope will change a part of the education world. Kwik lets me tell my story, enhancing that story, not interfering with it.

    It let’s me bring my characters to life. But as my skills grow, it’s right there with me, sparking my imagination, letting me do things I didn’t think I’d be able to do. When I look at a page and ask myself “I wonder if I can do …” then look in the forums and tutorials the answer is always “YAY I CAN do that! How cool!”.

    Coupled with your incredible support, Kwik is an awesome solution for the indie writer/publisher. And I can never thank you enough for your vision and hard work bringing it to the world. It’s a true joy to work with especially for a hunt and peck programmer without the budget for a code expert – like me. LOL

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