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Corona SDK Starter, Adobe Creative Cloud and Kwik 2.3


Many times I answer questions like, “Can Kwik work with GIMP, Photoshop Elements or Fireworks? I cannot afford Photoshop,” or “Does Kwik need the paid version of Corona SDK to publish?” More than looking for different options, people were usually concerned about the costs of the final solution.

Until a few months ago, willing to develop your own apps with Kwik would cost you close to a thousand dollars (besides Kwik, users needed to pay a full license of Photoshop, plus a Indie or Pro version of Corona SDK), which added a barrier to those that were not confident they could get their money back in sales revenue. The risks were too high for many.

With Adobe heavily promoting their Cloud subscriptions, which include Photoshop and all other products from the company, for less than $50 a month, half of the big burden (the cost of a full Photoshop version) was removed. However, you would still need close to $500 to get Kwik and Corona SDK.

A few days ago, Corona Labs announced a major change in their licensing model (more below) that potentially affect lots of Kwik users. The introduction of Corona SDK Starter, a free version including almost 100% of the current native features in Kwik, opens a new territory for people willing to create apps for iOS and Android devices on a budget.

Corona’s announcement (more here) is a game changer for Kwiksher.  Corona SDK Starter offers everything Kwik can do, with the only exception being in-app purchase (IAP), meaning that thousands of new users will be able to use our plugin without spending money on Corona Pro. You may be interested to learn that, more than 90% of the apps made with Kwik are not using IAP at this time.

The news is really big not only for potential new users but for current ones as well. Several people stopped using Kwik after their Corona subscription ended, because they couldn’t afford to renew. With Corona SDK Starter, they can come back and keep bringing new storybooks, games and apps (now for all platforms) without spending more.

People are already asking: “Is Kwik compatible with Corona SDK Starter?” The answer is: YES! Not only is Kwik compatible with Corona SDK Starter, but it also worked with Corona Pro (if you need IAPs) and Corona Enterprise. By the way, if you are a Pro subscriber, expect in a near future features specific for that too.

In order to use the new Corona subscriptions, you will need to download Kwik’s newest version 2.3, which is compatible with the new builds, and provide lots of new features. You can find more about it here.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to create amazing things with Kwik and Corona. If you left in the past, it is time to return. Also, keep sending your feature suggestions. Many great things are already to be developed and announced in future versions.

As always, feel free to send your questions.

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