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Kwik 2.1 Update

Kwik 2.1 is already available for download, bringing lots of new requested features. In fact, several users are already taking advantage of them and their benefits. For some examples, check the new tutorials: New Dragging with Flip, and New Magnetic Drop.

To celebrate the release, we are proud to announce a promotion with Code and Web: until December 3rd you can purchase their TexturePacker+PhysicsEditor Bundle with 20% discount. A real good deal considering how amazing both applications are. Don’t wait anymore, go to http://sites.fastspring.com/codeandweb/product/all, select the TexturePackerPro + PhysicsEditor Bundle (original value of $39.95), enter this promo code KWIK-TEXTUREPACKER-BUNDLE and see your discount applied in your cart!

So, what is coming?

This is the full list of improvements:

  • Groups: now you can re-order layers inside a group, add a group inside another group (nested group), change the group order and define properties like alpha and scale for groups;
  • New replacements: Countdown, which makes easier the creation of visual timers, and Text, which renders text content as text, instead of images;
  • Navigation: totally re-written to use native Corona’s scrollview widget, it also allows the exclusion of pages from the auto navigation panel with a click of a button;
  • Several new interactions (for actions and buttons), including better timer controls (stop/resume, etc.) and inverted gravity for bodies;
  • Buttons: can be set now for tap (you define the amount of taps) or press;
  • Physics improvements: you can control gravity direction in the Multiplier feature, and in the new body window. Collision names shows both main and collide bodies names;
  • Fixed the font issue with Sync: thanks to Adobe team, the annoying issue with fonts while using the Sync feature was fixed!
  • Drag with option for drop areas and auto flip: now, using only the Drag window, you can control drop zones and set auto flip of images while dragging. There two options were vastly voted as top improvements for 2.1;
  • Copy and paste: the most voted option was implemented in this version. You have now the ability to copy content in the same page or across all pages of your project.

Any news on Storyboard API and other features?

I am working with Ricardo Rauber (the father of Director class) on a smooth transition from Director to Storyboard API (Director will still be there, in a modified implementation, acting as a gateway for the Storyboard API). Unfortunately, due a few issues with Storyboard and the need of testing, I decided to move it to version 2.2 (beta will be available next week).

Kwik’s future feature list is still strong and you should expect some of them coming with the next betas. You vote counts so, if you still have more suggestions for future releases, use the new Forum board: Roadmap – Feature Request Kwik 2 and let me know them!

What about the FREE Google Hangouts?

Last month I tried a few free Google Hangouts session in English, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish. While they were very nice for the attendees (1 in each session), I cannot afford to spend a full day for personal discussions only. Offer stills thou: if you get a group of people willing to know Kwik’s basics, let me know and we will schedule private hangouts. For that, send a request to support@kwiksher.com (subject: Google Hangout) with two to three proposed times and dates, and we will setup a call (up to an hour).

This is NOT intended to provide feedback or support to your app! The agenda for these meetings is to cover what is Kwik, how to install, setup, and create a simple project.

As always, I am looking forward to your feedback!


  • Thanks!

    Used the promotion discount and bought the bundle.
    Now that your not doing Hangouts anymore hope that we still get around todo one hang out about the code I hacked together. It’s sitting here and could maybe useful to Kwisher-Fellows.



    • Max, you should try to get a few users (using the Forum) together and we could do a free hangout for sure. Unfortunately I cannot afford to have free individual hangouts. Maybe I will try again in December.

  • Great job on 2.1 Alex. Nested groups allows for some advanced animations. This is essentially parenting which is how any character animation system works. Its pretty awesome being able to make these groups and re-order them on the fly.

  • @kilopop: Sure, I wrote a Photoshop .jsx that plays right into this update. Its extends Photoshop-Layers with a Vectormap (unitvectors included) and makes them trackable (transformation). This way you can create “states” and morph the groups from on state to another state. The code is sitting here since october but as you can read Alex is very busy (2.1 etc.) so I didn’t get the chance to present it to him. Still some polish on the UI and code-generation necessary but I was myself busy with a client.

  • I am trying Kwik 2.1. It seems make development easier as promise.
    But when I try to create multi language project there is an error. I follow the tutorial in your blog step by step, twice. Create language and setup layers for language can be done easily, but after export to corona, it just does not work. The error is kwik code does not separate the layer properly, they will show on page code and not handle by language table properly. So the unselected language layers will have nil index value.

    And then if we choose Go To Page after Set Language on a button, both will generate refresh current page and go to next page.
    Code snippet:
    function but_english (event)
    _G.lang = “en”
    dispose(); director:changeScene(director:getCurrScene())
    local myClosure_switch = function()
    dispose(); director:changeScene( “page_2”, “moveFromRight” )
    timerStash.newTimer_265 = timer.performWithDelay(0, myClosure_switch, 1)

    Are these bugs? Or should I have more to set up?

  • Sorry,
    Please ignore my first report on previous posting, I fixed my own step in creating it. I falsely create two different language group on a page. Now it is working.
    But the second problem still as I reported before.
    Thank you for opportunity trying your software.

    • Zulfahmi, for the future, please use the forums for issue reporting.

      Glad to hear that you found your way. Multi-language requires good planning and synchronicity (meaning you need to create all the content for all languages in the project before publishing, otherwise you will receive code errors). Don’t know if it was the case here but, it is worthy to mention. Also, some people get confuse setting the correct Language group for each layer.

      Regarding the Go to Page with the Set Language, I will probably add an option in the future to enable users to refresh the page or not after the selection. At this moment, by design, when you change the language, it refreshes the page to show content in the new selected language. Usually apps have a specific button (a flag, for example) just to change language and another button to move pages.

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