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Kwik 2—The Best Way to Create Mobile Apps from Photoshop!



A few weeks after the launch of Kwik 2, our Photoshop plug-in that allows graphic designers, illustrators and well, anyone really to create rich interactive storybook apps in Photoshop for iOS and Android without knowing code, I would like to thank all users for their feedback, purchases, and even complaints about some annoying bugs we found (fortunately, all reported ones are fixed). Your voice is helping to shape Kwik, and I appreciate that.

Build 2.0 is pretty stable now. I am confident we are going to see many new Kwik 2 made apps showing up in major stores. I have seen some of them, and I have to say they will put the bar really high for future apps.

I would also like to share some news about the upcoming release, 2.1, and other things that you may be interested in knowing about.

Next release: 2.1—What will (probably) come?

In the next days, I will start to code build 2.1 which is the first Kwik 2 major update. There is a list of improvements and some new features suggested from you in the forums and/or via email. The list below is not complete (neither is guaranteed to show up in 2.1) but gives everyone a good sense of what is planned:

  • Group improvements (groups into groups, layer order, etc.)
  • New widgets
  • Sprite sheet improvements (including deeper integration with Texture Packer)
  • Navigator improvements (option to not show some pages, etc.)
  • Canvas improvements (backgrounds, etc.)
  • Better controls with Timers (stop/resume, etc.)
  • Multiplier improvements (gravity control, etc.)
  • Storyboard API option

For this main release, I am planning an optional “beta testing.” When ready, users will be able to optionally download, test, and provide feedback on 2.1 or simply keep using 2.0.x. More on that will be explained when the first build is ready.

If you have some suggestions for any new features, please use the new Forum board: Roadmap – Feature Request Kwik 2.

Suggestions, services, FREE Google Hangouts, and more!

New in the Forums is the ability to suggest topics for new tutorials. Visit the Tutorial Suggestions board and provide your suggestions.

Also new is the paid support offering, which is cheaper and will provide even faster consultancy on: storyline, private “how-to” for features, problem solve, and/or code review. Check that out at our Kwik Paid Support page.

Lastly, I am available for FREE “Introduction to Kwik” Google Hangouts in English, Spanish, and (Brazilian) Portuguese. If you have a group of three or more attendees willing to learn Kwik basics, send a request to support@kwiksher.com (subject: Google Hangout) with two to three proposed times and dates, and we will setup a call (up to an hour).

This is NOT intended to provide feedback or support to your app!  The agenda for these meetings is to cover what is Kwik, how to install, setup, and create a simple project.

As always, I am looking forward to your feedback!

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  • Fantastic Alex. Nested groups will be akin to parenting hierarchies. The results will be more sophisticated animation “rigs” that take up a lot less memory than a sprite sheet or movie clip.

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