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What a week! Kwik 2 is launched!

The past days were pretty crazy here at Kwiksher. As many of you know, I decided to leave my 11 years old full-time job at Microsoft, to dedicate my entire time to Kwiksher, Kwik, and other ideas I have in my mind at this moment. So, last Friday was my last day at Microsoft, which I will miss for sure. “Oooops, shouldn’t you talk about Kwik?”

Yes, of course! 🙂

The intro was just to share last week’s craziness, having to work full time at MS, finishing all Kwik 2 bits, polishing the website, working with a video editor guy in Latvia till last night and making easier the purchase/activation process with PayPal’s integration. Did I tell you I am just one guy? 🙂

Everything said, Kwik 2 was launched to current customers late last night. Tomorrow the official press-release goes live and the rest of the world will know about it. I have to say I am really happy with the new product. Feedback has been super positive, the interface is beautiful, and the possibilities are huge with the introduction of physics and ability to add external code. If you haven’t checked them yet, take a look at the latest tutorials in the Learn Kwik 2 page.

In the next few days I will bring more tutorials, announce new apps made with Kwik 2 and share some of the future plans. Meanwhile, try Kwik 2 and let me know about your projects. Looking forward to see them in the Showcase!


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