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Useful Data from Kids and Apps: A New Era of Play

One of the questions developers always ask is “How much should I charge for my App?” especially given the fact that the current trend towards the freemium/in-app purchases pricing model is so popular right now. I thought this information might be useful for Kwik users and all App developers in general.

Earlier today the NPD Group released results from their latest report “Kids and Apps: A New Era of Play“. Here is a snippet from the press release:

App Purchasing and Purchase Intent

While gaming applications are the apps most frequently paid for (35 percent) followed closely by educational game and movie apps, most of the apps downloaded to devices are free. Even those apps that are purchased are relatively inexpensive.

When it comes to allowing their child to use a device, those who don’t own but are planning to purchase a device are more likely to be influenced to do so by a number of factors. Aside from free games, those planning to purchase say they would be influenced by unlimited data from their carrier and the availability of more educational apps.

Those who already own a device but don’t let their child use it would allow their child to do so if more educational apps were available or if the devices were durable enough to withstand the child’s use.

Other insight from the report mentions that on average kids spend 5 days a week on mobile devices and that they access free apps 88% of the time. Gaming wins for the most popular purchased apps followed by educational games and movie apps.

So, what do you think of this information? Does it change your plans in regards to pricing out your apps? Are you including plans for in-app purchases in your current or future apps? Share your thoughts below.

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