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Update on K2

If you follow Kwik in Twitter (@kwiksher) or Facebook (/kwiksher) you know already that development keeps going. In fact, I have even provided a glimpse in a previous post.

The aim of today’s update is to give you more info on current progresses. So,

before asking “when the new version will be available”, keep in mind that we are still months (in plural Smile) away from K2.

The list below includes only things that are already coded and tested (there are lots of other stuff to come):

  • Ability to include video, web, map, text input, vectors, dynamic text, and more as replacements;
  • Export module was re-written and it is much faster at this moment. Just as comparison, I asked Greg to compare the full rendering of The Perfect Pillowwith Kwik (current version) and with the exporter in K2. These are the results:
    • Kwik: 2 minutes and 58 seconds
    • K2: 1 minute and 28 seconds (2x faster);
  • New and/or improved gestures, including drag and swipe abilities to control layers, groups and pages. Now you can, for example, set a draggable object to just move horizontally or vertically (top request);
  • In-app purchase including Google Play;
  • Thumbnail export (automatically creates thumbnail of each page for the entire project). This is an useable feature if you are planning to create an “index” page for your project;
  • Related to the thumbnail export, there is an option to auto create a navigation control to be controlled by a button (showing thumbnails of all project pages, enabling the user to quickly switch between them, in every page of the project);
  • Audio controls (including volume, channel selection, etc);

  • Layer properties showing cross-references (where the layer has being used in buttons, actions, etc);
  • Widgets and animations work with layers, groups and full page;

As you can see, I am not showing any images today (besides the audio window). The reason for that is K2 does not have an interface yet. But I can guarantee you it is going to be a cool one!

Questions? Ask them here or in our Forums.

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