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Kwik 2 Survey Results

First of all, thank you all for helping me filling out the survey about Kwik 2. One hundred and eighty people contributed with their opinion. As promised, I drew one FREE license for Kwik and the winner is Khairil Anwar Jusoh from Malaysia! Congratulations! If you couldn’t make it, please feel free to provide your input too. The link is still valid at http://www.icontact-archive.com/TJrllihCA_qG_jusHj0Yq2ukufVxREly?w=2

So, what are the results?

1) Are you a paid user?

50/50% here.

2) For how long are you using Kwik?

30% using more than 3 months, 50% using less than 3 months and 20% not using yet.

3) Will you consider to upgrade to version 2?

49% definitively, 48% considering, 3% not planning.

4) Would you like the idea of 2 different versions (Standard and Pro)?

58% prefer to pay more and have just one Pro version. 42% like the two product option.

5) Which license would you consider most?

58% will go for the pro version, 11% prefer the standard, 31% willing just for one version. Adding the 31% to the 58%, clearly most users wants all the benefits of the Pro version.

6) Top 3 most requested features?


7) Which license model fits you better?

88% prefers the perpetual model (pay once for a version), with 12% preferring subscription model (pay per year).

8) Are you always connected while using Kwik?

61% are always connected, 37% sometimes are connected and 2% are never connected to the web.

9) Would you like to have special discount when using Kwik in more than one computer?

33% would like to purchase a second serial with huge discount, 43% only have a computer and 24% mentioned that they will find a way to use Kwik in more than one computer without paying a second license.

10) Which support options are appropriated for you?

87% prefers to have free support via Forums, 28% would pay a small fee for direct support and 4% would pay a larger fee for priority.

11) What kind of services would you consider to buy?


What does it mean for Kwik 2?

Your input has been considered. No decisions are took yet but the survey helps a lot the planning/development/services for the future.

As I mentioned before, development has started and lots of cool things will show up with K2 (codename for Kwik 2). Next week I will start to blog about (maybe even having some screencasts Smile) some of the new features. If you have questions, please keep sending them via Kwik 2 User Questions available in the Forums. K2 development is a long journey so, don’t expect it before Summer. Besides the new product, expect new demos, a brand new site (coming soon) with more benefits for users and a few other tricks in the next months.

Thanks again for your support!



  • Thank you so much for sharing the result. Very interesting. You managed to make non-developers real developers in no time. Kwik managed to make many people’s dream come true. Thanks Alex!

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