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Interview with Richard Roberts

Today I would like to showcase Richard’s first app made with Kwik, Brigeetas Brittle. Like many of us, this is his first app developed and he is kind enough to share his story. Enjoy!

Tell a little bit about you and your company

My wife, Janette, and I started the company to handle all my creative ideas starting with a golf tee! teebythenumbers.com. We both agreed that anything we start should fall under the umbrella. Get the funny? Par Excellence??? ha ha!

I’m a piano player that wears so many hats from being a PADI scuba instructor to a professional musician.

I started writing code last October (wish I would have started in college!). Spent a couple of months pouring over Xcode language type books and just pulling my hair out. It was a new book on Xcode 4 that mentioned Anscamobile.com/Corona in the first chapter and Xcode has been history ever since. I went Pro within 3 weeks of downloading the software.

Then December rolls around, I read a blog about Kwik and I’m hooked! I love my Photoshop and it loves Kwik!

iPadScreenshot (2)

What is the Brigeetas Brittle about?

The app is 3 Recipes for making Peanut Brittle, Cashew Brittle and for those with nut allergies, No Nut Brittle.

The recipes have been a family secret for over 40 years. My mom came up with them through trial and error as you use a microwave to cook the brittle. As she just turned 80 and doesn’t like to do a lot of cooking anymore, it was my bright idea to do an app and sell it. It was either 1 recipe for $.99 or 3 for $1.99. I went with the latter.

How did Kwik help you to build it?

Ha. How didn’t it help? Kwik made it easy to build the app. All graphics, buttons, videos and page turns (turned off) were easily accomplished with Kwik. Once you start thinking “Layers”, its quite simple.

Honestly it took a month of working with Kwik to get my hands wrapped around it and many test apps working with the different features. I’m not a full-time developer so I’m sure it would have taken a lot less time if I’d been doing it every single day like a job. (I wish I was, don’t tell my boss!).

Don’t get me wrong. Many hours went into Brigeetas Brittle. But they were enjoyable hours with a lot of fun along the way. Anytime I needed help, Alex was there!


Favorite features?

The symmetry between Photoshop and Kwik is AWESOME. Adding a video, sound or image is seamless and soooooo very simple.

Hmmm. I’m really looking forward to Kwik 2.0 for some gaming action 😉

Any trick/tip you would like to share?

Don’t forget to rename the layers as specified by the pop-up screen when Kwik initializes. This might be the most important tip I could give anyone. Also, read the blogs!!! Read the Forums!!!

What is your overall experience with us (product and services)?

It’s a wonderful experience working with Kwik. I don’t come from a traditional code background and Kwik made it a snap for me to create my app by way of Photoshop CS5. The support is over the top. Alex takes pride and wants EVERYONE to succeed.

What is next for you and your company?

I’m going to work on a game then when that’s done I’ll be producing a children’s interactive book with Kwik!

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