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Holiday’s gift!

First of all, I sincerely wish you are having a great holiday’s days and an amazing 2012! For me, 2011 was an interesting year, with Kwik reaching downloads that I never expected when I stated to code it. Thanks to you all, the product is maturing and (I hope) getting better and better each version.

Due your support and recent comments that your apps are sometimes bigger than you expected (especially for Android markets), I decided to give you a end of year gift with version 1.8.1 (just uploaded): a new feature under the Tools panel, called Export layer as JPG. Any time you have a layer that does not need transparency (a background, for example), simply select the layer and press the new button. During the export process, Kwik will save the layer file as JPG reducing the file size!

Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful 2012!



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