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What is coming?

Few weeks ago I released another survey to understand Kwik’s users and their most required needs. Lots of things have changed since the previous research in August. For example, now, almost 90% of the users are using the plugin for more than a month. Almost 27% of them are using Kwik to build an app (not a storybook). 44% are not coming from Ansca’s premises anymore (the news are spreading from word of mouth), and most of the users are from outside the United States. Path animation is the favorite current feature and several apps are going to be released in the next weeks.

However, most people probably want to know the missing feature list (38 users answered this open question). The results helped me to close the set of features for version 1.8 (timed for December) and version 1.9 (end January/early February). Saying that, if a feature is not listed below, chances are it will not be released anytime soon. Here are the top requests:

– Coloring book – already developed for version 1.8;


– Multi-language (I am already designing this for version 1.8);

– Page curl (you probably have seen this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rm4OFOxhPMs&feature=youtu.be) – the moment Ansca releases it, I will add into Kwik;

– Better error detection/report (I am working on something different for version 1.8);

– Continuous audio between pages (testing already for version 1.8);

– More animation features (few surprises in 1.8 and mostly 1.9);

– More gestures (1.8 and mostly 1.9);

– Integration with other libraries (few surprises in 1.9);

– Web popup (probably version 1.9)

Things that are NOT coming until version 2:

– Physics;

– Logic and gaming (scores, dropping areas, etc);

– UI library, forms and text scroll (very requested, by the way);

– Lua editing from within Kwik;

– In-app purchase store;

As you can see, till 1.9 focus is to continue improving the storybook features, preparing the field for a huge release of version 2, in 2012. If you need something not listed here, keep sending your suggestions via the Forums. If you cannot wait some feature and you are willing to pay for its priority, send me an email and we may discuss feasibility.

Never forget that at this moment Kwik is a one man show. More exposure (via great apps developed with it) will increase sales, resources and decrease time to market of future versions.

Thanks for your support!



  • Hi Alex
    This is fantastic news, thanks for the continuous great work. I am a new user and I am particularly interested in all features listed for 1.8! Can’t wait!

  • This is really great news. Since you are going to support multi-languages, I hope you do not forget about bidi languages ‘Arabic’ 🙂 Although it is only you, you are giving the best support and all my questions were answered promptly. Thanks Alex!

  • Hey, I love this list! Very impatient for all these to land on my laptop.
    If one day I can become a full time app developer, it’ll be thanks to Kwik.

  • Alex, I cannot believe you have done all this by yourself! The speed of updates. The quick response to feature requests. Each version brings a ton of great features. Amazing, I would have thought you had a team of people accomplishing all these things. Keep up the work!

  • Hi.. I am new to kwik but I am familier with CPM. I want to know about network features like Facebook, twitter and opnfeint. Whether it is available in kwik or have you plan for it?

  • Hi alex,
    I know you are at Publishing Expo. I’m anxious to hear your take on things there, especially the topic of an enhanced ebook that sells in iBooks/Kindle, vs. an ebook app that sells in the app stores. Where is the line drawn?

    • Bill, in fact I watched a session about this. Fact is there is no line between them. Ebooks are getting better but the EPUB3 format is far from a definitive one. Each device handles it differently and the specification only guarantees a few functions (HTML5 compatibility mostly but no video, read me files, etc). For example, only the iPad accept all the bells from EPUB3 format. For compatibility issues with old Kindles, Amazon will not move on fully to the new format.

      Also, there is also the cost factor. It is much cheaper to have a book published as ebook than the same one as app (considering everything you can do with an app). In sum, if you plan to have features not available in all devices, ebook may not be your best bet. If your budget is not that much and you want to be in a newsstand “yesterday”, go for the ebook.

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