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Chat with Rob Angevine

Rob, from Appburgh and author of If People Have Tails, was kind enough to have a quick chat with me about his experiences with Kwik. Enjoy!

Kwiksher) What is Appburgh and what do you do?

Appburgh is a experimental startup company. We are investigating rapid frameworks to develop mobile applications.


What is Tails audience?

Tails is a pre-k interactive book app.

Which tools have you used to create Tails?

It was developed 100% with KWIK. We took a unpublished children’s book. Converted it to Photoshop and added all the interactive features with KWIK.


What do you think about Kwik, having used it for the first time?

It is an excellent product for rapid deployment of a “book apps”. The service has also been excellent (thanks Alex). We look forward to using KWIK with future book application projects.

What is next for you?

We are still investigating several rapid development frameworks and should start putting out quality driven applications in 2012.

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