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Interview with JADonnelly

This week we interview Jad, from MadlyMedia, the author of the first publish Kwik application: Nature in Harmony, available at AppStore and Android Marketplace. Tell a little bit about you and your company: I come from the television, radio, and pod-casting world. Just a year and half ago, I entered the world of developing apps as I for-see the platform of apps and app development as the next television. What is Nature in Harmony about? Nature in Harmony melds music, and natural backgrounds together with animated scenes for relaxation, meditation, and peaceful escapes. How Kwik helped you to build it? Kwik was a key element, along with Ansca Corona, in…

Kwik is included in Corona bits

With today’s announcement of the new Corona SDK version, we would like to congratulate Ansca’s team for the great milestone. Although most features of the updated version of Corona are more focused to game developers (multiplayer, ads, cloud services, etc), some small ones are very applicable to Kwik, like the ability to preview iOS projects on the Windows Simulator. However, for us at Kwiksher, the most important feature of this new version is not into the bits, but in a folder called Tools. Yes, Kwik is included in the official installer from Ansca! Being small and young company, we are very proud to be one of the three companies invited…

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