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Timers, Widgets and launch date

This post closes the review on version 1.5, which will be launched on August, 10th. At this moment, a few users are beta testing the updated plugin. The day of the launch will be also the day introductory price ends. If you haven’t bought Kwik yet, it is time now to get it with the current price.

Last June (less than 2 months ago) we surveyed 50 people about the features they expected most in future releases:


We are proud to report that we delivered some of them with old updates (more actions per button, better demos and auto handling of layer names).

Version 1.5 however is an answer to the other ones. For example, the new animation interface is much faster than the previous ones. Widgets (pre-made animations) allow you to quickly create common animations. In this release, we bring four:

  • Pulse: scales an layer repetitively;
  • Bounce: moves an layer in the Y axe back and forth;
  • Rotation: rotates an layer;
  • Dissolve: Switch an image to another one;

Timers provide another way to start animations, auto move pages, and play sounds, for example. With the new Actions feature, your projects are not restricted to buttons interaction anymore.

For next releases we are going to focus more on the Comic part, monetization and a few more animation modes.

Before you ask “what about App related features?”, they are not in our short term roadmap. We strongly believe that there are better tools to create apps than Kwik.

Always looking forward for your comments. Let’s start the countdown!

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