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Interview with Camille DeBose

Starting this month, every time an app made with Kwik is published, we will invite the author to share his/her experience with other Kwik users.

This week we chat with Camille DeBose, author of the beautiful Butterfly Counting, available at Apple’s AppStore: http://itun.es/igN9LV

Tell us a little bit about you and your company:

I’m actually less of a CEO and more of an academic.  Several years ago I started to focus my research on media and the self, especially as it relates to children.  As a practicing sociologist I decided to found a media company with a focus on entertainment and enrichment for children and teens of color.  Mens Formosus was born.  It’s Latin for “beautiful mind.”

Butterfly Counting is beautifully designed. What is the story behind?

Butterfly Counting is an interactive version of a basic counting book for children. iOS and Android devices now allow us to extend what a “book” can be, so my little book has floating dandelion seeds and pollen, giggling butterflies and great colors. You can’t do that with a board book.  I knew right away that I wanted to develop for mobile consumption, I just didn’t know when I would have the time to learn Xcode.

How did Kwik help you?

Kwik allowed me to skip learning Xcode and go right to illustrating, animating and building the project.  Kwik threw the door wide open!  I’ve had several projects on the back burner waiting for me to learn programming.  I can move those up to the front now with beautiful and stable results. I’ve tested Butterfly Counting on a beat up little iPod Touch as well as a high powered iPhone and it works like a charm.

What is your overall experience with Kwiksher?

My overall experience with Kwik and the Kwiksher team has been marvelous.  The software is developing quickly so I know there’s lots of good stuff to come.  Anytime I have an issue the team is super responsive and a resolution is reached within hours.  I feel like I’m part of a new and wonderful phenomenon with Kwik.  In a very short time Kwik has worked it’s way into my normal workflow.  I wouldn’t consider using anything else.

What’s next for you?

The next project will be a nighttime story.  Again, something from the back burner moving to the front.  You can expect shooting stars and floating clouds.  I can’t wait to get that one done.  After that I have a huge project which will take advantage of pretty much every feature of Kwik.  I wrote a script for an animated film a few years ago.  Instead of creating a traditional movie I’ll be developing it as an app that includes traditional story pages, sprite sheet animation as well as full blown animated clips.  With Kwik I see a long road of projects ahead and I can’t thank you enough.

Thanks Camille for using Kwik and share your experiences with us!

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