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About version 1.2

We are busy here finishing to code a few more features and polishing some of the current ones, before to make v1.2 available. As always, we are listening your comments, suggestions and concerns, and taking them in consideration in feature prioritization. However, not all requests will be available in the next update. So, I would like to ask you a little of patience if your favorite feature/request is not listed below.

Before I mention what is coming, I would like to share a quick anecdote with you all. Yesterday we had a customer not happy with the way we handle layer names and his comment was “In Flash, if I delete an object or a graphic, rename it, whatever, it’s smart enough to know”. For sure it is a fair statement. Currently you need to “adapt” yourself to the way Kwik works (naming all layers before you start to add interactions, otherwise, everything turns a mess when you rename or delete layers already associated to buttons or animations) and this is something we are not comfortable with too. Fortunately, it is not hard to “learn” how to speed up your learning checking our videos or reading our posts, from our Learn page.

We reminded our customer (and now you all) that, Flash has more than 10 years of existence (millions of dollars and developers behind), while Kwik has only a few days more than a month! In 33 days, we brought 10 updates (being v1.1 a major one) not only fixing bugs but adding features requested by our passionate community of users. Kwik today is a different product than we imagined few months ago. We have customers creating relaxation app (learn more about Nature in Harmony, the first app made with Kwik), comics, interactive books, and educational projects (coming soon one of our customers will announce a +70 pages app made with Kwik). Our plugin has much more components almost every week, expanding possibilities to designers, illustrators and developers using Photoshop and Corona. So, again we ask for your patience if you find bugs (send them to us and we will fix that!) or still waiting for that amazing feature that you app needs but is not available yet in Kwik. We are going to get there (faster than Flash updates Smile).

Disclaimer made, here goes the list of what is coming (bug fixings are not listed) in just a few days (next posting will be about what is coming soon in other updates):

– [Animations] Now you can add rotation and scale animation to your projects;

– [New feature] Bookmark defines if your book saves the last page read by the user. You simply enable bookmarking and Kwik does the rest for you;

– [New feature] Hide Layer allows you to add elements to your page that will be hidden until a button “activate” them. This was one of the top requests for educational and interactive books – click here, see something appearing;

– [Buttons] NEXT and PREVIOUS are accepted in Go to Page actions. Currently every time you add a button, you must inform which page it goes when pressed. This new option enables you to simple say “clicking here, you go to the NEXT or PREVIOUS page”. If you have a project with multiple pages changing order until you finish your app, you are going to love it;

– [Buttons] A new action was created: SHOW/HIDE toggles a layer marked with the new Hide Layer feature mentioned above. This was also very requested and it will be nice, for example, for a photo book: a button can now show/hide a caption;

– [Audio] Multiple Background Audio are accepted now. Also, you can tell Kwik what kind of audio you are adding: background music, narration, effect, etc. Also, you can inform if it is a large or small audio (they will be handled different during export);

– [Buttons] With the new audio options, another action is available: Read to Me. When clicked, all narration audio will be played automatically when page changes;

– [Pages] You now can create page from a previous page. It duplicates not only the PSD file, as well as all interactions/components from the original page. Imagine you have backgrounds, audio or Next/Prev buttons from a page. Instead of having to manually re-create them every time another page is created, Kwik does the work for you;

– [Settings] Not happy with projects on your /Documents folder? Just replace it using the Settings window;

We are going to have tutorial videos showing off all the new features. Meanwhile, please let us know what you think about this post and the upcoming features. Will they be valuable for you? Tweet, post in Facebook, comment, send emails, use our forums. Make you voice aloud!

Thanks again for your partnership,


PS: We have the cross-reference naming stuff that our customer is requesting in our future list Smile


  • Alex, thank you for the update. Our first app made with Kwik, is one of our published children’s ebook titles “Butterfly Promise.” We should be live in about 30 days. Thanks to the great new features our project is now much easier to build. Keep up the excellent work and we look forward to more Kwik goodies soon!

    • Malcolm, thanks for the nice words. Please keep us posted on your progresses (and let us know how to make your future apps even more awesome).

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