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Thank you and what’s next?


First of all I would like to thank you all for the downloads, re-tweets, Twitter followers and Facebook fans. More than that, thanks a lot to everyone who are using and providing feedback, finding bugs (yes, we found and fixed some), and promoting Kwik in its 7 days of life. You are amazing!

Since the launch a week ago, I have received emails and tweets that are blowing my mind. One of my favorites was “After watching the tutorials and playing for 30 minutes, I bought Kwik”. I honestly believe the Photoshop+Kwik+Corona will change the way mobile apps have been done. However, I thought people would need more than “30min” to figure it out!

This past week was very interesting in terms of development. Our team updated Kwik twice, attending feedback from you: a) CS5.1 trial came to the game (build 1.0.15) and b) you didn’t like to use your Photoshop serial number when registering (build 1.0.16).

For next week, we are planning to have another update. A major one now, with several of your feature requests. Although this is not a roadmap, expect to see in the next days:

  • Video
  • Page transitions
  • More animation types
  • More button actions
  • New features I have no idea how to describe Smile

After we launch version 1.1, I will publish our roadmap. There is still time for you to send us your feature suggestion. Use the forums, Facebook, Twitter or our contact page (we are always connected). Help us to build a better product for you (and keep sharing the news with your friends)!

Again, thanks for your support!



  • I’m having some difficulty trying to load my first book project. When I added either a sound or a button, I receieved a black screen in Corona and in my .PSD file, a new file opened up called Nav Zones. It was blank. What did I do wrong?

    • Nick, before we go deeper here, please check it first (if you haven’t):
      – check out all the step-by-step videos, as they pretty much shows you how things work in Kwik;
      – read the blog postings, specially this one: http://kwiksher.com/blog/?p=29 (most issues are related to naming);
      – enable the Export images checkbox, in the Settings button;

      After that,
      – what is your project name? Is it Nav Zones? Kwik does not create file by itself. Also, the “Nav Zone” naming is used as layer name only in Comic projects;
      – if you can’t figure out by your self, send us your .KWK and PSD files and we will check it for you (with the holiday in the US this weekend, please expect a return only next Tuesday)


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